Platinum Totally Wicked E-Cigarette – review and how-to

Guide to using a Platinum Totally Wicked Electronic Cigarette (e-cigarette). Check them out at: http They have great customer service and a killer product… not killer in a bad way, killer in a good way :) PS I am not on the payroll there, just honestly like what they have

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45 Responses to “Platinum Totally Wicked E-Cigarette – review and how-to”

  1. Mathemaetica says:

    I had planned on going with Totally Wicked initially, but instead I gave Volcano a go – big mistake. Not only did their Lo-Res Atomizer not work upon receiving, their version of the “Tank” set-up leaks likes a sieve and the batteries get alarmingly HOT, near to the point of worrying “Should holding this feel like holding a Hot-Dog just taken out of the microwave after nearly a minute of cooking???” Oh well, it is a lesson learned and nothing can be done about it. Next stop, Totally Wicked!!

  2. ShieAyla says:

    Totally Wicked USA was Rude and unprofessional with me when I called and dealt with them! NEVER rely on them for honest, forthcoming, helpful customer service!

  3. sweetgrl8282 says:

    @VidHunter0518 i don’t think it’s possible

  4. zacharythax says:

    You helped to save my wife’s life. I bought the 501 on your rec. and she went from a two pack a day smoker to a vaper overnight. We get along a lot better because I can be around her because she’s not perpetually in a haze of gross smoke that makes me whorf. I stopped smokin’ 10 years ago, but now I non-nic vape like a cigar or pipe and am looking into theraputic applications for this device. THANKS!!!!

  5. iTrollThis says:


  6. jenius00 says:

    Glad I’m not the only person who skipped all the other reviews to watch one with a nice rack for a back drop =P Wasn’t even the model of ecig I was looking into.

  7. VidHunter0518 says:

    is it possible to smoke e-cigs without cartridge inserted? or use a faucet water refill?
    ‘cos I’m planning to quit smoking because of my high blood pressure.

  8. dave54303 says:

    padded bra

  9. aaront1988 says:

    I would hit that….

  10. mrrockyrooster says:

    What was that thing that blocking my view?

  11. LastvanLichtenGlorie says:

    looks like a vibrator or a laser pointer… lame

  12. jsher100 says:

    world wide web­12/Eletronic_Cigarette_Replace­ment_306_Atomizer_for.html

    Try this LR306 for only $1 with a six month warrantee

    Not £6.95 DOA Warrantee from uk suppliers

    They re-open on the 15th January due to the Chinese New Year

    UK supplier must start giving us service for our money

  13. massfrog says:

    just pull up your shirt already

  14. nicheallniter4 says:

    dear god woman! You should be the face of the E-cig! Steamin hot!

  15. ajdukujac says:

    great review!
    what’s the music in the end?

  16. jordana8899 says:

    @tara0822 Thanks, yeah that’s what I figured

  17. tara0822 says:

    @jordana8899 BOOOBAYZ.

  18. jordana8899 says:

    What does “a pair of norks” means???

  19. jordana8899 says:

    Boycott this product,………… as it is not Salmon safe

  20. ALEX109981 says:

    how about soda can u smoke that liquid message me plz

  21. ShieAyla says:

    Totally Wicked USA was Rude and unprofessional with me when I called and dealt with them! NEVER rely on them for honest, forthcoming, helpful customer service!

  22. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    yep, the carts are refillable :D



  23. Bvalon24 says:

    can you refill these?

  24. matt876mma says:

    @igetcha69 thanks scott, sounds good mate , will be looking for that , cheers.

  25. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    check out my review of the “Tornado Tank” from TW………its a new device that doesnt use standard carts and instead uses a tank that holds around 1ml of juice. really easy to use, battery that will last you the day and carts the tank lets you vape for ages without having to worry about topping up, refilling, keeping it wet etc :D



  26. matt876mma says:

    @igetcha69 HI SCOTT , i ordered the titan e cig, and thought it was amazingly good, it stopped me smoking for a while, but now i havnt used it for a while, so i need to upgrade, what would you suggest for my next e cig, is the screw driver better? or the titan as good ? cant find the new tornado cig on uk twel, thanks , matt

  27. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    im sure you will like your new Titan :D



  28. 820krx7 says:

    By the way, thanks for your videos! over 2 years ago, after my first purchase (a mistake), I saw your review of the intellicig (DEC 20, 2008), and I purchased one (but from a fake site I gave up at that, but just two weeks ago I got a real intellicig! works great, and tonight I ordered this model for hopefully a little more vapor!! Anyway, thanks for that first vid you posted, I would’ve given up after my first bad purchase if I hadn’t seen you blowing those rings back then!

  29. 820krx7 says:

    dumwaldo is right, the FDA is in court trying to show that e-cigs should be regulated as medical devices,thankfully, the US court ruled that they are to be regulated as tobacco products (because the nic comes from tobacco). Of course they’d recommend Jason change the name to reflect how they’d like the courts to rule… :) If they are deemed medical devices, then they’ll be gone from the US market… (at least, officially)

  30. vyprcejmiokacka says:

    i do mouth inhale, on my electronic cigarette i do probably less than a half the drag i used to do on normal cigarette and also today i had a normal cigarette to compare it to the electronic cigarette and i didnt even feel the smoke because i got used to the harshnes of my electric one. I try to take longer between drags, but then i have to wait about a minute between each inhale. I wasnt able to do lung inhales on normal cigarettes, there is no way i could do that on electric one.

  31. igetcha69 says:

    hi mate,

    do you do a direct lung inhale or a mouth inhale?

  32. vyprcejmiokacka says:

    hi, i got my titan 4 days ago and i love it, however i want to ask about the throat hit. what does it feel like for you? i found that even after the first drag (1-2 sec.) i can feel very uncomfortable burning sensation in my throat, im using high strengh e-liquid however I still get the burning in my throat with no nicotine cartrage. In my oppinion it feels more harmfull than analogue cigarettes as i do not get this sensation even with very strong cigarettes. do you also get this feeling?

  33. toedster says:

    Always check the price of the replacement batteries. If that is reasonable, then it is a good deal. Some companies like ‘greensmoke’ charge 30 quid for a battery – stay away from them. Some TW e-cigs have very reasonably priced batts – like the screwdriver.

  34. igetcha69 says:

    hi mate,

    avoid Blu cig………they are just over hyped and expensive with a very bad reputation for having parts failing quickly! plus the carts are smaller than the mirage so will need replacing even more often.

    check out my review of the “901 Riva” of the “Tornado E-NI” as both those models have excellent battery life and produce great vapour and throat hit………they are the most popular models currently on the market :)



  35. orfygage says:

    Hey, I’m thinking of starting the e-cig instead of normal ones (many purposes involved), but I have already tried the Mirage cig, which wasn’t bad but the filters finish too quickly. What would you suggest for big throat hit, lot of vapour and if possible, to stand longer (both cartridge-wise and battery-wise).
    Has anyone tried the Blucig yet? It also has a packet resembling a cigarette packet but it’s actually a portable charger for your e-cig. (info on blucigs com)

  36. igetcha69 says:

    no worries mate, glad you are enjoying it! :)




    i now own this e cig and it is amazing, i recomend this to anyone. its badass. problem free, huge drags and lots of vapor. i love it and thanks to igetch for the recomendation.

  38. DEV2407 says:

    @igetcha69 thanks :)

  39. igetcha69 says:

    hi mate,

    yes, you hold the button down whilst you inhale. i know it can be off putting to new users but manual e-cigs are miles better than the automatics :)



  40. DEV2407 says:

    do u have 2 hold the button down… or do u press it and it goes off when u press it again?

  41. siesonekmk says:

    @xL1LxCHROMATICROBOT I have the Titan (510) and the Tornado (eGo) and both are great. The Titan is nice because it’s small and does not attract much attention. The Tornado is great for the battery life. You really cannot go wrong with either one.

  42. igetcha69 says:

    hi mate,

    the one in this vid is a very popular model, but an even better one which i can highly recommend is the “Tornado”

    check my youtube channel or website for my review on it:-





    im sure you get this question alot, but what is the best e-cigg on the market today?

  44. igetcha69 says:

    hi mate,

    try adding a drop or 2 of e-liquid directly to the atomiser…… might be running dry



  45. IcePh0en1x says:

    Hello Scott…
    I have bought 510 titan and now have problem with atomizer
    When i smoke i have little vapour with frught flavor what i need to do?

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