The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette **REVIEW**

A truley amazing product. Very happy I made this purchase. Thanks for watching !!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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45 Responses to “The Safe Cig Electronic Cigarette **REVIEW**”

  1. mistyqangel says:

    @PeeEsPee I really don’t mean to be a bitch but people that ask questions like this, they simply have no freaking clue what nicotine addiction feels like. I have few words for you “Pee” I used to smoke for 17 years, was a 2 pack a day heavy smoker and after I first tried an electronic cig’ I QUIT for good and been off regular cig’s for 11 months now. That should answer your questions. Oh and few more things:food tastes better , I sleep better , I concentrate better and much more….

  2. Joker5844 says:

    Got another question! Do you think the official site can send this kit to Mexico?

  3. KanbeiK says:

    @jondeak It has nicotine in it, but you can get refills that don’t have nicotine, so they are “safe” but take it with a hint of salt. however normal cigarettes are FAR worse.

  4. jondeak says:

    @AioNxMontagezZ no, it is just vapor. Its not bad for you:)

  5. AioNxMontagezZ says:

    i just really wana no if the safe cig is bad for you plz respond

  6. Joker5844 says:

    @jondeak So how much time does one refill usually last?

  7. jondeak says:

    @Bthemann16 Thanks brother :)

  8. jondeak says:

    @PeeEsPee I personally cant tell a difference between smoking the safe cig or smoking a real cig. All i can tell you is that there is no smoke, just vapor. the vapor feels just like smoke but doesn’t smell up my clothes or give off second hand smoke. I feel 100000 times better also, i dont have that horrible smokers hangover anymore when i go out drinking with my buddies and best of all im losing weight and im more active. hope that helps :)

  9. jondeak says:

    @Joker5844 I dont personally refill my Safe cCg refills mainly because a buddy of mine bought some liquid from a company called V2 cigs and filled his own and he got food poisoning really bad from the liquid. as far as I know the safe cig is the only company that has SGS certified liquid and they put all of their research in plain site of their website. Im going to stick to the safe cigs system, its been almost 9 months since i have smoked a real cigarette & im saving lots of money. good luck!

  10. Joker5844 says:

    @jondeak Just a question, i have tryed othe different cigs and i noticed that the refills are quite different, can you refill them with e-liquid?

  11. jondeak says:

    Still Going Strong with my Safe Cig. Almost one year and I haven’t smoked one single cigarette. I also lost 30 lbs !!! Hope everyone gets a chance to try one. Thank you for all of the awesome comments !!

  12. MrDugifresh says:

    Thanks for your review. You helped me decide to get the safe cig over other brands I was considering. God Bless!

  13. PeeEsPee says:

    Do you get the relaxing effects, etc of a reg cigarette?

  14. MrNadle says:

    Awesome review!!! I just ordered mine this AM and I’m stoked!! Looks like some quality shite… Thanks!

  15. leebee1989 says:

    I think these are fantastic, but I wouldn’t want to use this in a pub or in other restricted places simply for the hassle it would cause, constantly having to answer to people that it’s not a real cigarette.

  16. Bthemann16 says:

    Wonderful review man :) keep it up
    I had a greencig, which was nice… but it ended up leaking fluid into BOTH of my batteries and it died… 100 bucks down the drain. Stay away from greencig. (different than GreenSMOKE) which i hear, also sucks.

  17. greenaces13 says:

    i wanted to see a review, not an unboxing

  18. exhaledeeply says:

    TEN MINUTES before we even see the cigarette? omg.

  19. safecigtv says:

    Great video. I really enjoy the enthusiasm with the review. Keep up the Good Work

  20. jonescarp says:

    if you want to be a nicotine addict and have to get your fix every 30 minutes this is safer than actually smoking. you would be better to use it to diminish and eliminate your nicotine habit. What are you gonna do, go into the bathroom at a restaurant? or go outside? The point is, either your friends and family are still sitting there without you while you get your fix or you are showing your addiction right in front of them. Great example for your kids.

  21. darrealim5566 says:

    i think it is better for me to take this more than the real 1 ^^

  22. buggeazy102 says:

    the guy at the stor said he cant keep them in the store they fly off the shelf they sell 5 times faster then real cigs. that gose to show people want to break the real habit and live but the FDA wants you to keep dien

  23. Subxenox15 says:

    Why don’t you marry the box? Oh wait..

  24. Kleaverable says:

    Great review first of all, makes me want to buy one. But I have one concern that no single review covers. No one shows the exhale after smoking it. Asthetics are a big part of smoking for me, the burning cherry, the smoke you exhale, etc. I tried a few different ecigs before a number of years ago and couldn’t get into them because I never exhaled the smoke. Now thag prices are up again I’m gonna try this one and hope for the best if you could adress my concern I would very much appreciate it.

  25. g0a1ieguy says:

    @texasjohnny47 yeah but you work for the company

  26. blackkat77 says:

    haah that woman..forgot her name its like i think she never smoked in her life LOL

  27. BOOT367 says:

    @tranquillness Oh gag. What is it with you delusional fools and your endless proselytizing? Get a real life.

  28. wesellsex says:

    her child is black….lmao!

  29. buggeazy102 says:

    @tranquillness so the doctors are in on it to? cmon son!

  30. zadeh79 says:

    From everything I have seen, it is clear that the E-cig is a “Lot’ safer than traditional cigs. Carcinogenic and toxic components, in most e-juices are either zero, or practically zero (actually comparable to many long FDA approved Foots and products). Cig smoke contains 4000+ chemicals with, ~ 43 carcinogens. It leads to countless diseases. The only known risk of E-cigs is elevated blood pressure (due to nicotine induced, vasoconstriction). Buy a good model e-cig, and give it a try!

  31. tkoizumi says:

    The best way to quit is to never start it. Thankfully my father let me try cigarette when I was 6 and that experience helped me stay away from it forever.

  32. JodelRaph says:

    @comchef35 That’s for the people who are addicted to cigarette. They just invent an alternative to advocate healthy living.

  33. JodelRaph says:

    Though people did it because of money. We cannot deny how amazing is e-cigarette.

  34. tranquillness says:

    @DrWTFable its alllllllllll about money dont you get it??? people dont care ….they care about themselvez! the love for money is the root of allllll evil!. Take heed and recieve this wisdom that I speak the truth.

  35. tranquillness says:

    @DrWTFable well all im saying is that man can come up with a subtitutes but Jesus Christ is the answer to quiting. Ive smoked for over 10yearz then when I wanted to quit foreal I gave my habit to Christ and I litterally never went back. I never even slipped up once!. If quiting cigz are hard enough when switching over to the “safe alternative helper” “the answer to quting” becomez a replacement of the cig what will you do then?? Imagine the side effect they dont want u to know in the future.

  36. beatlesnumber9 says:

    I smoked for 40 years and tried every other way to quit but only had success with the e-cig. Been off real cigs for 5 months and don’t see a need to ever go back to them. The e-cig satisifies every need a smoker has, I’m 100% convinced any smoker can quit with the e-cig if they want to. Why it isn’t much more popular is a mystery to me, the FDA not green lighting it isn’t much of a mystery at all tho. They don’t care about health, only money with them. Get an e-cig – don’t think about it, do it!

  37. DrWTFable says:

    @tranquillness Ur a moron. This helps people. Is Jesus against E-cigz now?

  38. tranquillness says:

    I gave my smoking habit to Jesus Christ and my God took it away and I never went back to it ..I never slipped up or anything..God is amazing! Dont try E-cigz try Jesus Christ He is the truth :)

  39. darksmiley says:

    It’s all a bit silly isn’t it really. Just enjoy cigarettes, but don’t overdo them. Honestly how hard is that?

  40. Hookah1388 says:

    Is that really quitting…

  41. MsDJFLIP says:


  42. MsDJFLIP says:

    i quit with a ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE!! :)

  43. comchef35 says:

    I can understand the e-cigarette, but the e-cigar? Who is that being marketed to? Why would you want an electronic cigar?

  44. forkedroad says:

    i just ordered one last night, should be here maybe within the next 2 days, i cant wait to start using it in the house, work, in my car, or anywhere!

  45. tamayo16 says:

    its a gateway drug lol we just saw a rephrase cap of their teenage years ha ha

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