X-Out with K17! [Anti-smoking Campaign 2010]

X-Out with K17! www.xoutcig.com I’ve grown up with smoking all around me, family, friends, coworkers and I’ve hated every moment of it. It made my best friends smell bad and my family members didn’t appreciate I was going to need them around! Since the age of 3 I’ve pleaded people to stop smoking, starting with my parents. Recently one of my best friends quit and I’ve never been prouder of her. So lol at me being a goofball (as usual!) but please hear the message, because I’d personally love for you to quit smoking Best of luck and lots of love!! Kate x www.twitter.com

very nice campaign against smoking^^

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43 Responses to “X-Out with K17! [Anti-smoking Campaign 2010]”

  1. KillVamp951 says:

    Smoke weed not cigarettes

  2. kittyprincess394 says:

    @JediNg135 agreed

  3. teenytoaster says:

    i quit this year!! :) my resolution :D

  4. FEAJramdomfilms says:

    too late… :(

  5. montygamer says:

    I’ve never been offered death sticks, fuck that shit.

  6. artilleryboy1 says:

    No wonder your choking. Your smoking an ear cleaner.

  7. pilspritekid says:

    iom just wondering what about a cigar? ive only had one didnt even finish it was a bet just check my can to see my age and the only reason i did is because i had a deal with my brother and dad so that i would not have to work in the feild fore the rest of the year sorry for the lecture, good vid i got the butt of it lol

  8. Ganrlyn says:

    Lol can’t smoke, allergic to tobacco :P

  9. dvda1987 says:

    Why smoke when there is SNUS!!

  10. pemdas927 says:

    No wonder U didn’t like it. U were smoking a Q-tip.

  11. brad22mw says:

    Your hair is gorgeous in this video!

  12. fnadde42 says:

    Never ever touched a cig. Knock on wood

  13. moises0405 says:

    smoke all day everyday

  14. SchoolUnvalaible says:

    you’re tooo beautifuuuuul

  15. metalcoffie says:


  16. JediNg135 says:

    Katers needs to make videos like this again.

  17. MadForGaming says:

    Oh my god lol if you pause at 21 she looks exaclty like Dani off of X-factor jesus lol

  18. MadForGaming says:

    ”Innit Bruv” makes me laugh every single time lol

  19. AngloDiablo says:

    Yep, don’t smoke! That way you can grow old and enjoy your great Social Security benefits…Oh wait…Nevermind. Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em! (^_^)

  20. bigdaddyfranchise says:

    wow it’s funny how some people think you’re legitimately crazy XD love your vids

  21. Darklust413 says:

    @GlobalAlternateMedia From what I’m aware of, it’s counting as many deaths as possible for drinking most likely even including deaths from driving drunk. In any case, neither thing is good for you, but it’s established that smoking does indeed kill more people than drinking.

  22. GlobalAlternateMedia says:

    Does that include cases of cancer as a result of alcohol consumption?

  23. MrChokolatemilk says:

    Damn you Kate… Allright fine after 4 and a half years I will give up smoking you win :P

  24. MultiMiyumi says:

    0:38- 0:43 She looks like Miranda Cosgrove!!

  25. 4IAMATITOK says:

    Let,s talk hate crimes! Your assault against a peaceful leisure act has not only had taxation without representation ! An entire American culture has been insulted enough. You don,t want bad air? Get out of your car… walk a mile with traffic,and see how you like it? At least what I do calm,s my nerves and helps me endure your relentless attacks.

  26. bluenosetam says:

    i love smoking ok nazis

  27. buzinaocara says:

    that guy’s mind “oh shit i almost died! Gotta have a smoke to chill now”

  28. moleluvsliverpool says:

    @buzinaocara genius comment

  29. CoffeePh0ne says:

    If you don’t get the message behind the text, you’re an idiot.

  30. wilbar2922 says:

    This is a good video. Why should you have to go out on a crowded balcony when all you want to do is have a cigarette? It’s dangerous and stupid.

  31. smasheditorial says:

    ch3w….come on….Dennis Leary said it best “Put a skull and cross bones on the black package and call them death cigarettes…..every mother fucking smoker in the world will buy them” -This ad appeals to the stupidity of smoking anywhere you are allowed. I should know i smoke.

  32. chr3w says:

    this advert is dangerous. it says NOTHING about the dangers of smoking. instead it leaves a feeling of a combination of smoking and humour.

  33. john17972 says:

    Make it illegal and see how many jobs are lost, and how much money the government will lose from the high tobacco taxes.

  34. dogbitesplate says:

    I intend to. All this arguing tires me, i think i might go have a smoke…

  35. VeganButterfly says:

    Thanks for being so kind. I hope you have a nice day too.

  36. dogbitesplate says:

    Oh shut the fuck up. Popular culture and modern society do as much damage as cigarette use.

    So unless you’re going to live in a fucking isolated commune, away from all of this, i suggest you shut the fuck up, you self-righteous twat…….

  37. VeganButterfly says:

    LMFAO…you are comparing watching TELEVISION to chemical/drug addiction??
    Cigarettes are LOADED with TOXIC CHEMICALS….and you are comparing it to looking at some lights?
    Over 5 MILLION people die from smoking EVERY YEAR. Tell me how many people die from watching TV…and what the diseases are that TV even causes.
    This is just getting even sadder…
    I guess we should legalize drinking and driving since people listen to music and drive!

  38. dogbitesplate says:

    You’re on the internet. As a westerner, it’s likely you watch television. Get off the fucking high ground..

  39. VeganButterfly says:

    I don’t have any chemical/drug addictions actually. A lot of people don’t.

  40. VeganButterfly says:

    Nope. I don’t do caffeine…especially since I am pregnant and that is bad for the baby.

  41. dogbitesplate says:

    Phfft, piss off, i highly doubt you’re a pure, unaddicted being. Had a coca-cola recently?

  42. VeganButterfly says:

    I can fucking care about others if I want to…..what the hell is wrong with you?
    That is really sad…..now I see just one more thing that nicotine addiction does to some human beings…

  43. dogbitesplate says:

    No, but others doing it is none of your fucking concern. “As a moral person”. As a self-righteous do-gooder maybe…..

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