How Can You Stop Smoking – Helpful Ideas to Make it Easier to Quit

Article by Perry Monkhouse

The hazards of tobacco smoking have been known for decades, and validated by the U.S. government for longer than half a century, but some twenty percent of all Americans still smoke on a regular basis. Quite a few of these cigarette smokers are adults who became hooked when they were teens and wish to quit before they start to experience the health consequences. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to quit smoking, particularly if you have spent decades doing it.

So how can you stop smoking? Here are some tips that may help make it easier.

Cold turkey – Most people who smoke attempt quitting “cold turkey” at least once. Although just putting down cigarettes and agreeing not to smoke again seems like an easy way to quit, giving up cold turkey is just about the least successful way of quitting smoking. For the majority of people, years of routines cannot be conquered by just choosing not to take part in them anymore.

Prescription medications – There are several prescription medications that work effectively to curtail the cravings for nicotine. They aren’t effective for everybody, but many people do find that they help lessen the need to light up. Examples of these medicines are Wellbutrin and Chantix. You must acquire these medicines from your medical professional. Both have unwanted effects that may or may not create problems for you while you are using them. Chantix provides the additional benefit of allowing the smoker to continue to smoke for the first week they are taking the drug. Over the course of that week, the medication should cause their nicotine urges to decrease.

Over-the-counter treatments – Nicotine patches and gum were once obtainable by prescription exclusively, but are now available as nonprescription products. The patches stick to the skin and administer small amounts of nicotine on a continuous basis. This helps take away the urge to smoke. Gum works in the same way, and the user absorbs nicotine through their mouth as they chew. Both products are for sale in a number of strengths to accommodate individual smokers’ needs.

Hypnosis and Acupuncture – These remedies are not very popular, however they do work for some people. If you are a phobic concerning needles, acupuncture might not work for you, as the therapy involves sticking dozens of needles into your skin at certain points in your body. Some former smokers swear by hypnosis, but not everyone is able to be hypnotized .

Electronic cigarettes – These units are battery powered devices that simulate smoking by heating a nicotine-infused liquid that is breathed in by the user. E-cigarettes resemble real cigarettes, but the likeness ends there. They have intricate electronics in them to heat the tobacco-flavored liquid. The user breathes out water vapor rather than smoke, which means that the product may be used in numerous places where smoking is not normally permitted. Although not a stop smoking aid by itself, electronic cigarettes do help some people quit by giving them something to do with their hands and something to put in their mouth, two things that other quit smoking aids do not do.

It should be stressed that not all people who smoke are alike, so there isn’t any single technique that works well that can help all smokers quit. On the other hand, every method works for some people, so it may be important to try several methods in order to find one that works for you.

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