::DISCLAIMER:: i did receive this product for free , but you guys know me , and i will always give my honest no BULLS**T opinion and i will never betray the reviewer / viewer trust i have worked to build with my subscribers. I have no vested interest in any of the suppliers who choose to send me products to review , and i would never and WILL never offer to give a good review in order to get receive free products or devices Such a solid , sexy , sleek device. The Spade is fun to use and performs very well , i LOVE the 510 atomizer so this device is a perfect fit for me. The 2 issues i have with The Spade is the sticking button , and the crappy 10440 e-cigar batteries it uses , i’m a pretty moderate vaper and i was only getting about 4 hours MAX on the batteries. With a pretty noticeable drop in vapor after about 2 hours. Like i said , it’s a fun device to use , and the slick looks and cool LED almost make up for what is , at best , and mediocre battery life.


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Video Rating: 4 / 5
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  1. kjohnson1167 says:

    @GrimmGreen I couldn’t find it either=ended up getting a similar device from and it works great!

  2. MrsRevi says:

    That extra $80US was for the postage by the way, I neglected to put that in…

  3. MrsRevi says:

    and it didn’t work, I think they sent me someone repair job. I have been trying to contact them for a month now and they won’t reply. Not only that he charged me $80US and it only cost $27.50 US. So not only was it a rip off sale, but I am waiting for an operation and my surgeon won’t do it until I have been off smokes for 6 months and it cost me half my pension.
    I’m not upset with you, you were only giving me the best information possible, thank you and I appreciate that really.

  4. MrsRevi says:

    Hi , here’s the update to my wanting a spade… I went to Vaportalkstore and they don’t sell it any more. So I went to Parked at Dietsmokes and yes he had them.
    I thought awesome, he had $99 US on them, I thought ouch but went ahead with it. I waited a couple of weeks for it to get to me in Australia, and you are not going to believe what happened next…..! I eagerly opened the parcel, only to find that there was no atomizer in the kit. Then I charged the batteries with the supplied charger

  5. GrimmGreen says:

    @MrsRevi hmmm , if they don’t have it , Vaprlife might… or dietsmokes. it’s a solid mod , not the greatest battery , but easily double the life of a standard 510 battery.

  6. MrsRevi says:

    Luv it! But where do I get it……..? I went to Vaportalkstore, and they don’t have it listed….! It is exactly what I’m looking for, I want a mod but not huge, bulky or heavy.
    I’m using a super mini and burnt the batteries x 2 out in 4 weeks. So I think something that take this type of battery is more suitable for me. Also can you fit a drip tip on this unit? Thanks for all your help, it’s invaluable, I’ve learnt so much from you it’s very much appreciated…………

  7. GrimmGreen says:

    @V3nD3ttAOn3 YES! love fu-manchu , amongst other stonerdoom bands.

  8. V3nD3ttAOn3 says:

    i love your sweatshirt. stonerdoom <3

  9. GrimmGreen says:

    you can use any 10440 battery , protected or unprotected. The problem is the Chinese like to mislabel their mah rating on batteries. So a 600mah 10440 might not really be a 600mah 10440

  10. erockula says:

    Can you just put another 10440 with a higher mah like 600 mah to make it last longer? Or does the battery have to match the unit. I don’t quite understand that stuff

  11. DoctorVapor says:

    Great Review Bro!
    I don’t own a Spade, but I’m a big fan of The VaporTalk Store’s mods and juices. Glad to hear that the button issue can be easily resolved.

  12. eddward209 says:

    Grim, thank you so much for all the reviews as usual. I currently own the VP-1 510 mod. I use this one quiet often at home. I agree with you on battery and as for button, I’ve encountered the same thing too. I just sent my in for repair and problem was resolved. My device of choice is of course the stick with 510 adapter.


  13. ateapotist67 says:

    valves, keys, levers, etc. Sewing machine oil or other light oil might work, too.). Hope that helps. Keep up the great reviews, and vape on!

  14. ateapotist67 says:

    Hey, Nick, great reviews, I’m a big fan. My Spade took a while to break in, and at first I had a lot of problems with the button getting stuck, too. What seemed to help was putting a drop of very light oil right on the button and working it in for a little while. I’ve done this twice over the past few weeks, and now it’s completely broken in and never sticks. (I’m a musician, a brass player, and what I used is called “light bearing oil”, the kind of stuff that goes on trumpet and trombone

  15. GrimmGreen says:

    lol… no idea buddy , let me know how your quick and delicious smoothie turns out

  16. Dawggstar says:

    why is making a quick delicious smoothie in the related videos?! lol

  17. GrimmGreen says:

    i looked around and did see some TrustFire 600mah 10440 batteries , i’ll have to give them a shot. Thanks vapnaway

  18. vapnaway says:

    You will get more mAh out of the unprotected battery. You can find them in a 600 mAh. I use them in my GG Slim and like you I carry 2 or 3 with my to work if I am going to use it exclusively.

  19. GrimmGreen says:

    Thank you very much , you have a rockin Christmas as well , looking forward to your videos mate!

  20. Smoke2Vape says:

    Hey Grimm,

    Thanks for the comment! Xmas has come early here as I now have 3 devices! First 24 hours and counting without touching tobacco… and it’s great. The Mk2 gives a great vape. Doing some vids tonight once kids are asleep (noisey little blighters!).. Have a cool Christmas man.

  21. GrimmGreen says:

    I’ll let you know , i have a protege’ mechanical switch on order right now!

  22. GrimmGreen says:

    Cool! no hard feelings dude , i don’t mind being called out when i’m wrong buddy. It’s how we learn.. thanks!

  23. krcanapp says:

    This is off topic, but I just saw the Pure Smoker vid on the new button and passthru attachment and I was wondering what your thoughts were on these, especially since you had that button problem and you rave about the regular passthru. I have the Protege too and was wondering and very tempted in maybe getting these. I haven’t had any problems with my button yet, but maybe as a backup for just in case, as you said, one minute okay and wam!, so probrably a good idea to have a backup. Peace

  24. krcanapp says:

    My apologizes Nick, I guess I really never noticed it before. I usally never get to the end of the batteries in my devices, I usally carry at least 4 with me when I’m out and about, so I just swap out devices all the time and I never get to the end of a battery. But since I’ve been off for a few days, I’ve had a little more time to vape and check out the reviews and low and behold, I completely ran out the VP1.v2, popped in a new battery and wow, you were right, it does have a dropoff, peace.

  25. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    i dont work for anyone as im self employed and run my own production company (igetcha69FilmsDOTcom)

    you will see my ugly mug on many e-cig sites as i make a living producing tutorial videos and shooting product photography………the reviews i make are just a hobby ;)



  26. sunhouse76 says:

    Scot are you working for them now, cos your the guy i see on the site i go to. iv actually rote to them and waiting on a reply.
    i love your videos man. o and dont listen to that fucking knob with the shitty jelus comments bro. i think your a grate video spokes person :O).
    the m/brow was way to much for me to man. like a dead bunch of flowers lol not that i know what flowers taste like hahaha
    cheers bro.

  27. ivanover says:

    @igetcha69 Ottima risposta :) BTW at first Maxboro (or Cowboy Mix) seems at least “bearable” but everyone one I know changed his mind and by now simply..hates it.Other flavours (fruity ones) are actually very very good.VapingMoon tried butter (yes..) and became addicted, give it a try.
    I take the chance to thank you for your objective reviews and good prices, keep on! A presto.

  28. onemorebrando says:

    @igetcha69 <—–knows his ecigs.>

  29. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    both PG and VG will produce vapour………but VG is well known for producing a more thicker volume of vapour than PG



  30. onemorebrando says:

    @igetcha69 its the PG that makes the vapor so using less would produce less vapor.
    I thought VG made vapor??

  31. verticalrider1 says:

    will almond,vanilla,cherry,banana,a­nd other extracts in the baking section in grocery stores work for e juice flavoring?

  32. xHDconnorHD says:

    @Brenustin47 Get a life you dick really he started on Scott and your just pathetic okay he even had the decency to reply to your question…
    your such a dumb ass….

  33. fireicer says:

    ashtray mouth is what it tastes like rofl

  34. Brenustin47 says:

    @igetcha69 haha sorry mate thanks a lot and by the way i think all of your reviews are wicked, and i’m a big fan thanks

  35. igetcha69 says:

    lol, not sure if you realised but you replied to me rather than the italian guy! i thought “eh? this guy is having a go at me and then asking a polite question!” lol

    you can buy plain PG from quite a few suppliers now so for a zero nic juice all you would need to do is add a little flavouring. mix in a little glycerine to give the vapour a boost :)



  36. Brenustin47 says:

    @igetcha69 why dont u stop writing shit in italian like ”fuck u idiot” and ”a check by th dentist?” coz its just sad, if u dont like the video go grow a pair instead of acting like a 4 year old girl

    anyway what i was going to ask is, scott, do u know any ways of making zero nicotine flavoured juice?

  37. igetcha69 says:

    vaffanculo idiota

  38. 86blackmore says:

    Un controllino dal dentista?

  39. markzoi says:

    nice choice ! I’m Italian and they are the best flavour I have tried till now! get the package “Heaven Pack” 15 e-liquid try test!

  40. igetcha69 says:

    hi mate,

    well you are the 1st person to ever ask me how to get LESS vapor! lol

    i would suggest to use PG rather than glycerine and mix it quite weak by adding some distilled water or extra flavouring. its the PG that makes the vapor so using less would produce less vapor.

    but it will probably be a trial and error until you get the right mix as if you make it too weak then you will get zero vapor!



  41. nomoresmokes says:

    I like your video’s, they are very informative.

    I would like to mix my own liquids with less vapor. Sometimes I like to vape in non-smoking areas and the vapor tends to make nsmkrs nervous.

    Are there any way to create less vapor?

  42. igetcha69 says:

    certainly is mate……….good vapour too! :)



  43. watfordjc says:

    Hi Scott.

    Got my Flavourart 36mg unflavoured before you posted this review but only opened the first bottle last week.

    So far used it to mix 14mg DV Apple Pie and 18mg DV Coconut. 18mg seems too harsh to me now.

    Considering they only use pharmaceutical grade PG/VG/Nicotine now it’s pretty good value for money, innit?


  44. igetcha69 says:

    hi mate,

    the desert ship is getting a LOT of positive feedback………..think i might have to get me some!



  45. vapnaway says:

    Darn, wish they had sent you the “Desert Ship” or Camel…. It is my favorite all day vape now. I love that stuff… I also tried the Burley and not impressed with it. They are some really strong flavorings aren’t they?

  46. igetcha69 says:

    sure thing mate, go for it :)



  47. light487 says:

    @igetcha69 I’ve now tried the Perique Black (a new flavour) and Cuban Supreme. I found the Perique Black to be a very similar flavour to Dekang Winston, though a little sweeter and not as dense on the tobacco flavouring.

    I’ve now done a mixing tutorial video for these flavours. Happy to link it as a video response, if you want?

  48. gosnbandar says:

    Right now i vape Flavourart Virginia tobacco and
    i am very happy whit it ! You need to put a drop
    or two of MTS vape wizard into your mix . It will
    remove that unpleasant after taste you been
    talking about and bring a nice one ! MTS is
    highly recommended for all FA tobacco flavors !
    Try that and make another review

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