Hypnosis Session – Actual Session for Stop Smoking

UPDATE: This guy is a DJ in a bar. Still smoke-free 18 months later… www.nongard.net Hypnosis Superstore. This video demonstrates hypnotic phenomena, catalepsy, age regression, fast learning, APP
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www.lifeprinciples.com This motivation video uses hard facts and emotional persuasion for people to make the decision to kick their bad habits such as Quit Drinking Alcohol, Quit Smoking Cigarettes, Cannabis, Crack, Opeates, Heroin, methamphetamine, Quit Snorting Cocaine, Ketamine, Crystal Meths, Ice or Stop Taking Methadone, Subutex (Buprenorphine) or Narcotics. Sometimes its easy to forget what a wonderful gift life is until its too late. When you are lying on your death bed and you start to think that life was just too short. It only seemed like yesterday that you had your 10th birthday, when you were in school, when you started your first job. It just seems like a fleeting moment in time, gone in the blink of an eye. Then you wish you has just one more year; just think what you could do in that time? You could go and visit a far off place you always wanted to visit but never got around to it. Maybe you could go and look at a beautiful sunset from an airplane? Maybe you want to experience a total eclipse of the sun. Maybe you want to do something much simpler like smell the roses, feel the raindrops on your face, appreciate the beauty of spring. Maybe you want to tell someone you love them, or that you are sorry. Maybe you want to eat some exotic fruit that you have seen time after time but never bothered to taste it. By this time you are beginning to realize that you have wasted between 10 to 20 years of your life through smoking. Whats more, you paid some £100000

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48 Responses to “Hypnosis Session – Actual Session for Stop Smoking”

  1. scottclements78 says:

    Ive gone 4 months today without a cigarette and just suddenly bought a packet. WTF????

  2. budoka92 says:

    … don’t feel like it worked, mayby beacuse reading too much about hypnosis…

  3. liveyoungdiefast91 says:

    I first started watching this out of curiosity, I didn’t know what a hypnosis session to quit smoking was like and I clicked on the first video I saw. And then 5 minutes in I got interested and laid down on my bed, restarted the video and listened and pretended the voice was talking to me.

    Something worked. I kept thinking all this time, trying to quit, about how I was just too infatuated with cigarettes. And then after this I couldn’t remember why.

    I think I’ll be okay. Should I repeat?

  4. lauchafsx says:

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  5. lenka351 says:

    @heleninspain I still couldn’t get to that loose limbs stage, but I manage not to smoke for 30 days – up to date. No cravings or anything. Just bigger apetite for icecream :) Thank you very much. If nothing, it made quitting muuuuuuuch mooooore easier Finaly abstinent for the rest of my life (I believe) :)

  6. arielkang100 says:

    @hiephoi058 ;download the video with real player

  7. ClinicalHypnosis says:

    @Things2doBeforeIdie Yes, that would be helpful…. Or search for my meditation videos for stress and anxiety. A lot of people find them very helpful for dealing with cravings….

  8. heleninspain says:

    @lenka351 The place in your mind is where you feel taken to when he instructs you to go there. You’ll get it and then just keep coming back to that place.
    The questions you want to ask is the distraction of your mind, the avoidance of the hypnosis working – this is is the want/not want to quit smoking conflict. Don’t fight the distraction, allow the questions but you don’t need to answer them or have them answered. Just allow.
    With that you may find the loose limbs starts happening.

  9. Things2doBeforeIdie says:

    BTW, if I do get a craving, should I just watch this vid again?

  10. Things2doBeforeIdie says:

    Watched this on 6th of August, 2011. I actually don’t feel like smoking! and I am counting days.

  11. stween777 says:

    Quit Smoking Today
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    Gum, or Sprays…Using a Solution
    With a 98% Success Rate?

  12. 2012blog says:

    @hiephoi058 Watch the movie ‘Office Space’ to find out… :)

  13. ThePepisek1 says:


  14. lenka351 says:

    I would love to have it work for me too. I was listening and tried to relax deeply and so on, but I couldn’t .I mean. How do I know, where in my mind is that unconscience spot.While listening I still have so many questions. Maybe it’s because english isn’t my mother language.But I really want to work it for me as well :( Any advice how to get to that stage of loose limbs? :) Thank you

  15. hotsexybrownguy says:

    He said “anything keeping you from sex” at 7:24

  16. hotsexybrownguy says:

    I thought he would suddenly slap the patient and say “QUIT SMOKING U IDIOT”, heh

  17. Seryosin says:

    @hiephoi058 YOU WILL BE LOST IN A LIMBO!!!!1 FOREVER!!11 MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!11!oneone Your soul is mine now. :P

  18. bbqland009 says:

    @ClinicalHypnosis can you please tell me what you say at 4:40 to 4:42. thanks

  19. bbqland009 says:

    Can anyone tell me what he sayst at 4:40 to 4:42. thanks

  20. celticlofts says:

    @hiephoi058: You’ll be stuck in cyberspace forever and have no smokes !!

  21. islandfever says:

    I woke up at about 4:00 a.m., got dressed just to go to the store to get a pack of smokes. Got home, made coffee and lit up. Then I went searching for something like this. I’ve watched it a few times now. The first time, I was finishing up my cigarette. It’ been a few hours now and no cravings. I think this might actually work for me. If it does, it’s amazing,

  22. kmatson07 says:


    Today is 6-1-2011 and I am still smoke free. Now its time to kick the hoagies and meatball grinder addiction! Kman. Thank you!

  23. elusiive1 says:

    I watched this vid before going to bed last night and again tonight and I havnt had a cig in 24 hours. Funny thing is that I falt relaxed, not hypnotized but I still feel like it worked. I’ve smoked for 35 years and tried to quit at least 6 times and this is the first time I truly feel it is working. Havnt had hardly any cravings. I sure hope Im right and this will be the time I finally kick it!!

  24. mu86neer says:

    IF THIS IS TRUE, I WOULD HAVE DIED LONG TIME AGO…. is there any reasonable reason to quit… Thank You :-)

  25. varscht says:

    I smoked for 25 years and I always thought I would spend the rest of my life in misery, constantly craving, if I quit. But I haven’t touched a cigarette in 5 years now, and I DON’T MISS IT AT ALL. That fear was just the addiction talking. Good riddance.

  26. DarkfireFX says:

    @WigglerDohs shut up mate.. weed isnt bad atall does less physical damage to ur body than drink.. and is not physically addictive like drink.. maybe phycologically but thats only for the weak minded people.. ive been smokin gear for 5 years now.. and im alot happier than my anti/non smoking friends.. why dont u fuck off out of it and leave people to choose their own decisions in life whether u think its a bad one or not.

  27. WigglerDohs says:

    @dhockman97 stop saying smoke weed. i saw assholes that went down from it. fucking hypocrite

  28. Shokat01 says:

    @MrGreenMachine420 I forgot to mention that no one got paid and it’s not a commercial but part of eight 1h TV programmes we made with RajTV on Shokat Treatment. Said quit smoking live on TV. At one point we had the BBC TV crew filming RajTV filming me, hypnotising Said – our house was full of technicians. The TV programmes covered all sorts of things such as addictions, depression, IBS, Anxiety, Social Phobia, Alcohol Addiction, Quitting Smoking Cigarettes, Cannabis, Cocaine and weight loss.

  29. Shokat01 says:

    @MrGreenMachine420 Said did extremely well with the Smoking Prog but not with weight. Weight-loss is a lot harder. This is because simple addictions are a binary habit, either they are on or off, and if you turn them off then they remain that way until you decide to have a cigarette. Eating habits on the other hand are an analogue behaviour. There a lot of reasons as why we eat too much. Depression can feel like hunger so sometimes its not what you eat that makes you fat but what’s eating you.

  30. MrGreenMachine420 says:

    wow, maybe i should get into hypnotherapy and take suckers money. this might have been convincing if he would have gotten back on camera about 100lbs smaller. but, it was only a paid testimonial. prolly just free sessions. lol

  31. dhockman97 says:

    smoke weed, don’t do anything else

  32. Shokat01 says:

    @myallagents I have read this several times and I still can’t figure out what you mean by your disjointed sentence. Can you explain in simple Queens English so everyone can be enlightened by your profound wisdom?

  33. myallagents says:

    Nice video if u want to live long life with healthy than do not go with this bz this is end of life
    Prashant Aher

  34. xxSICxxSHOTZxx says:

    lol who thinks that guy at 5:45 went back outsice to get his packs of cigs

  35. Shokat01 says:

    @2011HNC You are a very sensible person. I wish this kind of education is given to students at school. Also, I wish more parents would lead by example. People are under enormous pressure at school to smoke and the one thing that will influence the way we behave is by what are parents are doing. If our parents smoke then we want o be like them, and we cave-into peer pressure from our friends. Tell your mum and dad to quit smoking – if you go on long enough they will do it for you. Good luck.

  36. 2011HNC says:

    i have always tell my lil brothers never to smoke drink or do any kinds of drugs!

  37. Shokat01 says:

    @SexxyKevin You are spot on with your comments. There is no right or wrong. Maybe some of these people should read ‘Po beyond yes or no’ by Edward De Bono. Be like a playful child again. Don’t be dogmatic about things, and also don’t dismiss everything out of hand. Always keep and open mind picking things up and putting them down like a child. At one time I was disgusted with Dr Atkins Diet until I met someone who got great benefit out of it – I thought, if it works them who am I to dismiss it?

  38. SexxyKevin says:

    @david0861513636 Well, I support and promote the use of weed, but it would be foolish, unwise, and just incorrect to say that weed has never killed anybody. PEOPLE ARE DUMB and do dumb things. Although most deaths from weed are from abuse and misuse, people DO still die from weed. IF used correctly, it is a very safe drug, but spreading lies to promote the use of cannabis is just as bad as spreading lies to demonize the use of cannabis. Just us a vaporizer and it solves all problems.

  39. Shokat01 says:

    @hmxaw850i e-cig don’t work for most people. You need to find a good hypnotherapist in Pakistan – I am sure there must be some in that country. In the UK we are just overwhelmed with a lot of hypnotherapists. There are so many training schools who are turning out hypnotherapist by the dozen. The problem is that a lot of them would not recognise hypnosis even if they trapped over it. There are very few good hypnotherapists and a lot of really bad ones. The problem is how do you know who is good?

  40. Shokat01 says:

    @david0861513636 I am 31 and i have been smoking for 16years. About 18months ago i got very depressed and went to see my doctor. I broke down and told the doctor everything. I seen a pysicatric nurse for a few weeks and was referred to CTB. I was also put on 40ml of Citalapram daily and i decreased to 30ml in Jan as i feel i am making good progress, however i dont seem to be making much progress in quitting smoking weed and this gets me very down. I got her to quit smoking and off Citalapram.

  41. david0861513636 says:

    @Shokat01 also,since when does being expensive go hand in hand with credibility?I paid ten euro for a book called allencarrs’ easyway to stop smoking (highly recommend,still a non smoker a year and counting)
    and if saying weed has never killed anyone in recorded history is “daft” self-justification,i’d rather be right and daft than wrong and accepted

  42. robman2100 says:

    @Shokat01 As far as acts of god. You are brining religion into a scientific conversation. As far as freedom of choice the most you can do is educate in a non invasive manner. People are going to do what they are going to do. you cannot force change only guide it along. I am a smoker. I am well aware of the risks and i still choose to do so.

  43. robman2100 says:

    @Shokat01 Cannabis is only emotionally addictive there is not correlation of chemically addictive substance. It is only emotionally addictive to people who already have a addictive personality to cope with the normal life. It is the person not the substance that is causing your patients to come to you. Secondly I do not believe that cannabis should be smoked as that is harmful to your lungs. It should only be ingested.

  44. hmxaw850i says:

    im in pakistan.age 24 this year..obese(105kg.5^10 height) yet muscular.been smoking for 4 years now…i used to play all sports…this time around played football in university after 5 yrs maybe.n after a very short sprint im huffing n puffing like crazy with my heart pounding hard.this winter ive had continous phlegm n cough(which ithot was flu).ive always smoked max 16-18 cigs/day.quiting now seems impossible.tried e-cig but it felt too light n gave up on it.i hate cigs n want to quit.wt 2 do?

  45. Shokat01 says:

    @david0861513636 Sure, if you say so. This is called self-justification. We can justify anything we want no matter how daft that may seem to other people. I think you should try telling that to many of my clients who have paid me lots of money to help them quit smoking cannabis. None of my clients who come to me tell me its safe – some have developed enormous health challenges through years of smoking pot. Anything that changes your bodys metabolic processes unnaturally is dangerous in some way.

  46. Shokat01 says:

    @deezo60 Yes I know you were. Just took advantage of your posting to make a point – see what boredom can do to you during Christmas time? Just wish you a belated Christmas and a wonderful new year. My 2011 be the year that all your wishes come true.

  47. deezo60 says:

    @Shokat01 bro it was just a joke. just smoke n be happy

  48. Shokat01 says:

    @deezo60 A coconut falling on your head will kill you but then that would be a act of God or an accident. However, every time you light-up and put a cigarette in your mouth you are poisoning your body on purpose in return for a artificially induced high. Over time, your arteries get clogged up, your heart takes a pounding and your sex drive goes down the tube. You also open yourself up to degenerative diseases such as cancer or loss of eyesight. Or you can drop dead from an aneurysm.

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