Top 10 Best Known Tips To Quit Smoking

Tips Provided by Smoking cessation is an unpleasant experience for whichever side you look at it. You will have to cope with the cravings and all the withdrawal symptoms, you will have to beat up the smoking habit and change your lifestyle completely. To help you get out of the smoking-swamp we have compiled a short list with tips to quit smoking. Please visit for more tips
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Dr. Drew Pinsky Provides New Tips and Resources to Help Smokers Overcome Smoking Addiction.

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47 Responses to “Top 10 Best Known Tips To Quit Smoking”

  1. greensmoke2012 says:

    i quit using GREEN SMOKE …. its awesome now i can smoke anywhere

    green smoke is the best

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  2. mereaaron says:

    Why use a robot? Why not a human voice?

  3. bonnieslocum says:

    this mind numbing prattle makes me want to either go out and have a smoke or shoot myself

  4. dirtydonki says:

    40 M’Bro Gold/day=91.25/week=£395.42/month=£4745/year.
    It’s NOT rocket science.

  5. dirtydonki says:


  6. khankhanyasir says:

    u are absolutly right.

  7. eyzonm3 says:

    @CameronDubzWTF stephen hawking says to not go to pubs and clubs which encourage smoking in the first few weeks after you quit. not to give it up completely.

  8. weedstah777 says:

    Hello , whoever wants to stop smoking without having to pay for a hypnozis or whatever like patchs etc should check my blog , im explaining how i stoped smoking , by first decreasing , simple and easy ! stopsmokingwillDOTblogspotDOTcom/

  9. number1blackkid says:

    Im trying to quit because of money. Smoking really does bring people together (which I LOVEl) but possibly because its a global suicide pact.

    Honestly Im not sure whether Im gonna buy a pack today or not. I cant afford to not sleep when I have a presentation to give tomorrow. But the wildly vivid dreams are nice although somewhat scary.

    Plus the only thing cooler than smoking is quitting.

  10. lizoalex says:

    I would have watched this whole video if it wasnt for the fucking voice.

  11. Adj19888 says:

    @XXB4XX caus he is a non smoker !

  12. DJheavanMisstress says:

    Is that stephen hawkings?

  13. Jack11017 says:

    i promised my gf to quit a year ago, and its about time i start getting to buisiness… shit its hard just to think about it !!!!!!!! but gogo health and gay jogging…..

  14. purpleGoAhead says:

    you can read those tips (plus more of them) on many pages, just google it – you’ll be 10 times faster if you just read it somewhere! it takes some SERIOUS PATIENCE to listen to! – aren’t you able to speak by yourself?!

  15. conman2317 says:

    @CameronDubzWTF I first quit weed, and smoked a cigarette when i had an urge to blaze, then i tried very hard to cut back on the drinking, went from drinking daily, to drinkly weekly, to drinking bi-weekly, and now i only drink on special occasions. Now I’m trying to quit smoking, and it’s going fairly well, I smoke maybe a pack a week now as compared to a pack a day a few months back.

  16. XXB4XX says:

    Why is microsoft sam telling me how to quit?

  17. CameronDubzWTF says:

    This is such bull fuck ! I have a cig after i smoke weed and i smoke when i drink so to quit cigs i would have to quit drinking and weed ZAMG!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. artistonpc22 says:

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  19. SmokingKills1993 says:

    Lmaoooooo! that guy’s a genius with his burning hand method

    -3 days off smoking now ;)

    this video was crap!

  20. guywithapen says:

    because costs are the only reason to quit smoking…

    it sounds crazy but everyone has to use a method that works for them.

  21. samsam2021 says:

    if you genuinely want to quit, go to trendycig . co . uk . worked for me!
    Use the half price promotional code – HTP92009 .

  22. Somair6469 says:

    I went from smoking 15 to 10 to 5 to 0 and guys it is easy its not that difficult. Only thing you need to know is that smoking kills and this is no myth.
    I did wrong by going easy because its more painful just quit go cold turkey and don’t use any nicotine gum

  23. bdrasin says:

    @tabula123456 I totally agree. I actually quit using the patch but in retrospect I think it made it harder for me than it needed to be. My wife quit cold turkey and was better in like 10 days, whereas I was a wreck for months

  24. chris110012 says:

    So what you’re saying is…it tasted good?

  25. Layziezor says:

    I thought it was Eminem at first from the small screen

  26. aciidtube says:

    when i gave up i just cut down for a month and then just stopped, whats disappointing though is that the cravings will never go away you just have to manage it like everything we enjoy in life

  27. DeadButFeelingBetter says:

    quitting smoking is easy. . . I’ve done it 437 times ;-)

  28. 6161NOW6161 says:

    Do you people know how much aspartame is in nicorette products aspartame is deadly to the human body it’s also in diet coke and many other products to sum it all up don’t take ANYTHING! with aspartame in it……….the people who put aspartame in products are the scum of the earth.

  29. tabula123456 says:

    This is ridiculous…and designed to keep you addicted to nicotine…think about it…what company wants you to STOP buying their products…? Don’t be conned by this awful stupid man.

    I stopped smoking over 4 years ago…from 60 cigs a day to nothing…no withdrawal and it was bloody easy… I used Alan Carr’s method of stopping smoking…if you want to stop…don’t give this con-man and advert one more second of your time. Go and research “Alan Carr’s easy way to stop smoking”.

  30. AlyxRnG says:

    cigarettes. the only addiction where nicotine is used to overcome an addiction to nicotine. maybe these quitting-smoking aids need to rethink their approach.

  31. Ragnar360 says:

    I was smoking while watching this video.

  32. feloniousbutterfly says:

    This is just a commercial.

  33. h4xor102939 says:

    @2865299 Oh the irony…

  34. ScarbzDynasty says:

    @2865299 omg…. you just made yourself look like a total fool

  35. 2865299 says:

    if youre addicted du smocking youre bretty stupit

  36. retiredactor says:

    Tip No.1, brainiacs; If you want to quit nicotine, it’s always helpful to stop taking nicotine. Tip No.2 Read or borrow “Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Smoking”. You’re welcome.

  37. chaseef says:

    Great advice, especially the first point. Im not ready to quit yet, but nicorette is a smart company to give free advice like this. I will definitely use their products when i decide to quit.

  38. elledoggie says:

    by the time you actually attempt any of these tips.. you pretty much quit.

  39. StartMyFire says:


  40. ChildsPrison says:

    1. Don’t go to the store to buy more.

  41. thecorptube1 says:

    quit smoking or one day a violent nonsmoker might wave an axe at you

  42. CWaldo428 says:

    its guys like this that drive me to educate myself so that i can look them in the eyes and tell them with a educated opinion that they do more wrong than good. and with ignorance and disdain!!! educated ignorance is blissfull!!

  43. lastmondaypast1 says:

    @projectcolin I quit smoking you dumb ass. a pack a day for 2 years, and then none. the withdrawl effects are a fuckin tummy ache for about a week lol.

  44. BiteMyCrank69 says:

    check out my channel. Funny prank phone calls

  45. Kollsuke says:

    This looks like Eminem in 20 years. Ahaha

  46. lastmondaypast1 says:

    it takes literally no effort to quit smoking. people only do it to look cool.

  47. George says:

    My mother-in-law quit smoking after she was rushed to the hospital a few months back. I think stop smoking with electronic cigarette is a great way to quit.

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