PROVARI E-CIG – VAPOUR Vs VOLTAGE DEMO hi all, please come visit my E-Cig reviews website at follow me on twitter http join the forum – hi all, please come visit my E-Cig reviews website at follow me on twitter http join the forum –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    if my memory serves me well, i think it was from ZiggicigDOTcom



  2. MrPoppinballz says:

    hey mind i ask where the frost juice is from?? sounds really icy

  3. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    to be honest, there are many better models on the market these days as the super is a very old design that has been around for a few years now. dont get me wrong, it will still produce a good amount of vapour and throat hit, but it uses the old style carts which means that they will need refilling very often :(

    but for your 1st ever e-cig, im sure it will do a good job of helping to decide if vaping is something you will take to



  4. iGTuRneR11 says:

    @igetcha69 ive just brought my first Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit-White Super (10cm) would u say this is a good model? im 17 and quitting smoking after 4 years would apreciate your opinion (Y) great videos btw i subscribed!

  5. igetcha69 says:


    cheers mate! :D

  6. SARMA1956 says:

    Ill i can say is good work and i am Subscribing

  7. igetcha69 says:


    tudok a fogaim rögzített, de akkor mindig egy csúnya kis MUG!

  8. szojuz says:

    Magyarországon nagyon jók a fogorvosok ;-) és olcsók! Sok angol jár hozzánk!

  9. RokkStarrVaporZz says:


  10. KiDD275 says:

    @igetcha69 hey scott i set my variable voltage to 4.2,and its great,will try 4.4,cheers,great review,i might have to buy one

  11. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    im sure you are gonna love it! :D



  12. brightboyz says:

    Thanks man for the review Im in Canada and should be receiving my provari in the next 2 days its been a bit of a wait but it looks like its worth it will try 4.4 as I like menthol as well

    Thanks again for the review

  13. realdad32 says:

    provari rocks its so worth the money to have control over my vapes.

  14. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    im not aware of any UK supplier selling these any time soon so your only choice would be to order from the states :(

    well worth it though………definitely a fantastic device!



  15. matt876mma says:

    hi scott , when are these coming to the uk ? and what the price on these babys?


  16. igetcha69 says:


    cheers mate, hope your one arrives soon! :D

  17. Knapweed says:

    Great review as always. Clearly shows the difference in vapour production through the voltage range.

    My ProVari is on the way and, now I’ve seen it in action, I want it all the more. lol

    Happy New Year matey and I look forward to more of your reviews in 2011.

  18. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    the provari has a built in voltage meter and can also read the resistance of atomisers. so yes, it will recognise if you have a low resistance atomiser connected and it will restrict use if it causes it to go over a 2.5 amp load limit.

    but to be honest mate, if you use a LR atomiser at higher voltages than what they are designed for then the chances are they will go bang very quickly! lol



  19. crullx says:


    Hey Scott!
    What did you mean by this?:
    ” the highest it will let you use….”

    Does this device recognize the atomizer type, or what?
    Why couldn’t I run an LR atty on 3.9V if I want to?
    Does the device really not let to do these kind of things?
    I’m asking because I’m about to buy a ProVari on this very day, and I only buy it if I can run any atomizers on any voltages.

  20. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    yes it will work with LR atomisers but i think the highest it will let you use them at is 3.7v………..but 3.7v is all you need for LR atomisers :)



  21. SoulSharter says:

    will this pv work with low resistance 901 attys? and low res 510 attys? say at 4 volts?

  22. orthchris says:

    geat review scott! but the provari doesnt impress me. i know what my attys and voltage is, and my multimeter tells me so. low res attys with a freshly charged 3.7 is my sweet spot.

  23. tyapeter says:


  24. igetcha69 says:


    and a very happy new year to you too mate! :D

  25. SheLuvsHerIpod says:

    Have been curious about variable voltage so thanks for demonstrations. Happy New Year, Scott!

  26. igetcha69 says:


    no, but you will turn into an even bigger retard than what you already are……….MUG!

  27. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    i tend to use my Bulli A2-T atomiser mainly with the voltage at 4.4v………..its a cracking vape! :D

    but a regular 510 atty or a Boge 3ohm cartomiser at 4.5v hits the spot every time too!



  28. emmettb says:

    Finally ordered one today from can’t wait till it comes :-) what’s your best setup you use on it Scott?

  29. iKioty says:

    @igetcha69 Sorry mate, obviously wasn’t paying enough attention

  30. igetcha69 says:


    i didnt get it for free…..i paid for it in full (as stated at the start of the review)



  31. iKioty says:

    All these ecigs are so expensive just for a battery connector basically…. Well this one has a screen :O Although it would be great to get for free like you, but it is a bit highly priced isn’t it?

  32. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    i just ordered the Provari on its own as i already had the batteries, charger etc

    not sure if you are aware, but EnjuiceDOTcom who are a UK supplier will be stocking the Provari very soon and its currently available for pre order………you will also get a discount with this code:-


    i dont think there is much price difference, but if you are in the UK then you may prefer to purchase from a UK seller rather than overseas :)



  33. emmettb says:

    Hi Scott I think I’m finally gonna order one of these this week at last! Was wondering when you bought yours did you buy the batteries and charger from provape as well or can you get them else where anyway cheaper?

    Was also wondering wats the best to use with these, attys or cartomisers?

    Cheers Scott!

  34. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    thats the beauty of the Provari…….it eliminates the need for LR atomisers as you can just bump up the voltage on a standard atty to get the exact same vape. and even better, once your atties start dying after a few weeks then you can just bump up the voltage again to breathe new life into them! :D

    but you can still use LR atties with it if you want to, and i can put them up to 4.5v without getting any errors

    i use mine with either a Boge carto or UFS



  35. jarno23cm says:

    Hey dude, great review! On what setup do you use your provari with? 3ohm cartos? I’ve been thinking about buying the provari, but i’m not not sure of what kinda attys/cartos i can use with it and what setup gives the best vape. Apparently i can’t use low resistance devices on the provari? Keep up the good work mate!

  36. igetcha69 says:


    yes mate, the Provari is my main vape :D



  37. VaporJoe says:

    Is this your favorite device now?

  38. TheVapeCo says:

    this is the shiz! We are proud to say that we are the exclusive distributor of Provape products in the Philippines!

    A very great review of the Provari indeed. Thanks!

  39. igetcha69 says:


    no worries mate………..i was actually thinking to myself “did i review the Inferno? i dont remember doing that!” lol :D



  40. nitrojuga says:

    @igetcha69 I meant to say ego instead of inferno lol. inferno is what I’m using right now.

  41. igetcha69 says:


    you are gonna love it mate! :D



  42. nitrojuga says:

    Thanks for the videos Scott! You sold me on the inferno when I was kind of new. Now that i’m ready to upgrade, you have sold me on the provari. Ordered it tonight, can’t wait. I got the extender cap with an 18650.

  43. kyle29able says:

    awesome review scott the provari is the next mod i wanna get i have 5v 3.7v an 6v would like to play arund with or the in between an find my perfect vape:)

  44. igetcha69 says:


    cheers mate! :D

  45. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    you wont regret it……..its a real sweet device :D



  46. JR1068 says:

    Great review as always Scott, covered every detail like a pro :-)
    Keep up the good work and Vape on!

  47. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    the Provari has a DC – DC converter which increases the voltage making it possible for a 3.7v battery to increase to 6v

    as for the other thing you mentioned, i suggest you watch the vid again more closely ;)



  48. KickMyJuice says:

    How are you vaping at 6 volts with a 3.7 volt battery?

    Also when you checked the actual volatge it read 3.8 volts when it was set to 4.4.

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