Hot New E Cigarette Coupon & Review Site Makes It’s Official Launch

Point Lookout, NY (PRWEB) November 04, 2011

New e cig coupon site,, has been launched in October of 2011 aiming to provide the best discounts along with accurate reviews of the top companies in the industry.

The newest rage among smokers is quickly becoming electronic cigarettes. The benefits are obvious, vaporization vs combustion offers a much cleaner way for smokers to enjoy their daily smoke. Many people even use e cigs as a transitional tool for quitting smoking all together, a method of weaning themselves of traditional tobacco and kicking the habit forever.

For those trying to quit, other than the obvious health risks, the cost of smoking is another huge reason for transitioning to e smoke. With the pack a day smoker, one can be looking at yearly costs in the range of $ 2,000 depending on the area in which a person lives(keeping in mind the variation in cigarette costs from state to state) and the quantity in which they smoke. Imagine if more people were to take this money and invest it in a diverse stock portfolio over the course of 30 years as opposed to spending it on a habit with proven detriments to ones health. The returns could be staggering.

When considering e cigs as an alternative, first and foremost the price is substantially less than that of traditional cigarettes. But than when incorporating online purchasing, prices can become substantially lower. This is where the new deal site comes in to help electronic cigarette consumers save additional costs on their online orders. The site differentiates itself from the typical coupon sites by focusing specifically on one product category and also by providing an interactive review option.

They provide an objective review of each company covering, price, selection, shipping, customer service, and overall experience. And besides just providing reviews written by their writing/research team, the site also allows visitors to rate each company personally giving the ultimate objective review for each e cig company featured on the site. “It can be tough for a visitor to trust a review from a website with affiliate ties to the companies in which they review. But when thousands of unique visitors rate each company first hand, the validity of these reviews increase.” Said Jacob King the founder of the site

Further providing value to it’s visitors, the site keeps constant updates of latest coupon codes and promotions for each e cig retailer they feature. Once again they differentiate themselves from the typical coupon site by only having a small selection of companies to moderate deals for and therefore giving them the ability to keep the most up to date coupons around. When people use a traditional deal site, they cant always be sure that the latest and best coupons will be provided. With this electronic cigarette coupon site, the moderators are extremely vigilant about updating current deals going around on the web and being personally in touch with retailers in order to offer exclusive deals.

With this approach they can basically guarantee that their visitors will find the best deals available. Regardless of what market you are in, everyone wants to find a good deal. Especially when it only take a few clicks of the mouse to save on a purchase. Users just visit the site, click one of the current codes, and copy it into the coupon prompt before checking out. Some of the deals only require just clicking through an exclusive discount link to apply the savings. The primary objective of the site is simple, provide users with highly objective reviews, along with the best coupons and promotions available on the web. As time goes on, the owners will always strive to improve the site and adapt to the changing needs of e cig users and distributors. But all the while, they will never humble themselves at holding the top position among other electronic cigarette review/coupon sites

About: was founded by Jacob King, a passionate Internet marketer and avid blogger. The site started from a quick idea thrown out during a random conversation at a local bar and late came to life becoming a fully functional interactive deal and review site.

Jacob King

Founder and Marketing Coordinator

Email: info(at)ecigpromotions(dot)com

Skype: +1 516 734 6037

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