electronic cigarette help. Q & A

If you need help with your electronic cigarette then please have a look at my video where i have tried to make things as simple as i can for people who are new to ecigs and the way their used etc etc. Visit my website at www.bebo.com/ecig

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25 Responses to “electronic cigarette help. Q & A”

  1. good4u89501 says:

    holy crap i could just listen to you talk all day Love your accent :0) thanks for your Q and A on E-cigs

  2. LACOOKE1 says:

    u make me laugh every toke u just crease LOL

  3. valavic says:

    I heard an ecig blow up in someone’s mouth I can that happen

  4. SuperNospin says:

    ww w. tlcinternationalshipping. com

    sell these very cheaply

  5. StripedComet says:

    Do these things give you a good buzz?

  6. blakey275 says:

    hello,i have just ordered a 10motives e cig….what are they like??

  7. stimpsonsutube says:

    well if u use just water itll evaporate too fast and u wont get much vapour, plus it wont taste as good, the e-liquid uses a substance called glycerine that is a form of medicen and produces lots of vapour

  8. pinkdiamondz00 says:

    I love you :)

  9. pinkdiamondz00 says:

    I love you :)

  10. lildougg123 says:

    guys HELP ME!!! PLEASEE!!!!!! okay. when i charge my battery till it turns green, i unplug it and it flashes red on the end. then when i put the cig altogether, it doesnt light up nor make vapor. PLEASE REPLY OR MESSAGE!! PLEASE!!! 

  11. safecigtv says:

    The amazing thing is the law of combustion. No flame no tar, ash, a reduction of chemicals and most importantly no ODER! Happy Vaping and keep up your great reviews :)

  12. golayababa18 says:

    If I want a “zero” nicotine level, can I use water instead of a liquid nicotine? Will it work? Will it produce vapor?

  13. golayababa18 says:

    You sound like Chibs from Sons Of Anarchy. Can you yell out “Jackie-boy!”

  14. Absolut372 says:

    Rustylug is cool.

  15. TheSteffie2006 says:

    What is the USB cord that I received for? I have that and no charger.

  16. the305s says:

    i need serious help i got my e-cig 2day and it lights up and i changed the filter and no smoke is comming out please help!!

  17. rustylug says:

    ….You should know when your cart is done ….If the sponge like stuff is pure white, then you are out of Nicotine and will need to refill it.

  18. drevilcs says:

    Hey Rusty quick question, I have the same model as the mini (the first one you smoked) and I burnt mine out. I have got a new one but got any tips for figuring out if your cartridge is almost out?

  19. TheKhaleel97 says:

    Do non nicotine cartriges still have flavour like the blu ones wid no nicotine do they still taste gd?

  20. qqhaikal says:

    can you just smoke without nicotine ? and just smoke with vapors ?

  21. TheCocktales says:

    what about inventing ejoints? ; D

  22. MrArmo95 says:

    i bought 2 of them for 10 dollars each why do you charge so much?

  23. redbull29111 says:

    can kids smoke the choclat with 0mg?

  24. redbull29111 says:

    can kid smoke the 0mg with choklet?

  25. redbull29111 says:

    can kids smoke choclet and 0mg?

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