Stop smoking?

Question by Cappuccino Queen: Stop smoking?
I need help on how to go about helping my bf to stop smoking. He really wants to and I really want him to. We just don’t know how to go about getting him to stop. Almost all of his friends and family smoke so it’s really hard for him to stop. If anyone has any advice that would be great. Thanks.

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Answer by Adam
I suggest checking out Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) at Gary Craig provides a free basic manual. Or check out Carol Look who sells a book titled “Quit Smoking Now with Energy Therapy” at

These techniques require time and effort on your part and your bf’s part to learn and persistence in applying the techniques. The success rate is fairly high but not 100%.

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3 Responses to “Stop smoking?”

  1. Ginger/Virginia says:

    My nephew had good luck stopping with the patch. I’ve also heard that hypnotism works well.
    good luck…

  2. Ann L says:

    I just quit and quit and quit and quit until one time it worked. I wouldn’t buy a carton of cigarettes. I’d buy a pack and quit after I finished it. In other words, I got into the habit of quitting twice a day. It only has to work once, and it did. After two weeks I never wanted another cicarette. That was thirty years ago.

  3. toddgillingham says:

    quitting smoking is never easy, and there are dozens of ways to quit but the only true way to quit I think coming from someone who has smoked is to be determined to quit truly want to and think about if you had a chance to look at your lungs would you really quit, I would think so think of the money you would save and the years added on to your life and good luck I hope you succeed.

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