How To Refill A Green Smoke Cartridge With E-Liquid Nicotine

How To Refill A Green Smoke Cartridge With E-Liquid Nicotine This is a video on how to refill your Green Smoke electronic cigarette cartridges. This video shows you how to open the Green Smoke electronic cigarette refill cartridge and fill it with your choice of e-liquid e-juice. At the end of the video I dissect a Green Smoke electronic cigarette refill cartridge. The findings where kind of disappointing. After watching this how to refill a Green Smoke electronic cigarette refill cartridge video you should drop by the Perfect Electronic Cigarette site and see what else we have to offer. We have electronic cigarette forums, how to videos, electronic cigarette starter kit reviews, e-liquid reviews, affiliate programs and much more. If you want to learn more about refilling cartridges with e-liquid we have brands other than Green Smoke. Also if you have any electronic cigarette related questions please feel free to ask them in the forums and we will do our best to help you out :) Distributed by Tubemogul.
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23 Responses to “How To Refill A Green Smoke Cartridge With E-Liquid Nicotine”

  1. IamSaquib says:

    GreenSmoke 2012 Coupon Code
    SAVE 10% by using the code - invincible

  2. xXNek0jinXx says:

    just buy an eGo :l way better than green smart

  3. athelton says:

    I think that they caught on because the top self destructs if you try to remove it now.

  4. ThePupmastermp3 says:

    It’s not that Green Smoke was bad as I thought it created good vaper and they had good flavors. But I figured out fast that they were extremely over priced and they got rid of the good flavors as well. I was able to get a better experience from other e-cigs at a much lower price. That is why I do reviews on my channel to let people know that using E-cigarettes works and it does not have to cost so much.

    Search Thepupmastermp3

  5. dae3xt says:

    I used to smoke greensmoke but what happened was that the juice went inside the battery hole and then broke the batter.. it’s too bad greensmoke doesn’t make a manual battery.. thanks for the post..

  6. SushiTalk77 says:

    is that liquid.. water?

  7. ajay999098 says:

    i m going to mix vodka in it what will happen if do so

  8. Cypressx777 says:

    does anyone make liquid THC?

  9. dennis3271 says:

    how do u know when it is full

  10. philkiksbeep says:


  11. massarde9591 says:

    When the cigarette work is just amazing however I already have 3 batteries that just stopped work in less than one month, the customer service phone is useless, you send them email the just say they can’t find your number order, I paid 5.36 pounds to special delivery that they (Guaranteed next day business day) and this didn’t arrived so in one month test was just disappointment.
    But this is my problem Im not say everyone will have the same problem than me but don’t be surprise if you have.

  12. tonerthyboner says:

    how many puffs should a green smoke cartridge last? I averaged it out for a pack of cigs and it’s about 200 puffs for me. some of the green smoke cartridges from my starter kit only last 20 or 30. Two of the cartridges did last for a while though.

  13. yippeekiyeamfr says:

    It looks like Green Smoke has changed the cap on their new cartridges. You cannot get the cap off! It’s also hard plastic now and not rubber anymore.

  14. noblame4 says:

    I ripped one of my carts apart too, amazing how a couple little wires and a strip of fabric work so well, eh?!

    One little thing I’d like to add to this video, the batting in the GS carts is pretty dense, so when I refill my carts, I always let them sit upright on a flat surface for a little while before I screw them onto my battery. That way, if I’ve over filled the cart it has time to soak out the battery-end and i can wipe off the access instead of ruining my (FIFTY DOLLAR) GS battery.

  15. originalcureboy says:

    damn man. is there no brand that you haven’t figured out? lol

  16. KissinAndTellin says:

    Thanks for the tip! Quick question though, have you had any problems with the carts clogging? I have and no matter how much or how little I refill the carts, they always are too clogged by the time the original cart is burned out to even let me puff once refilled.

  17. brycepunk says:

    Your review helped me decide on the Green Smoke, and I Love it. Thanks! I hope to start re-filling the cartridges next round.

  18. DerGangsta100 says:

    hi can i use this e-liquid for other e-cigs too?
    do you always use the same cartridge or do you change it after you used it once with the liquid?

  19. jsnowbrien says:

    how many times can you refill 1 cart and still get that good vapor compared to a joye 510 atty

  20. WhosAlex says:

    can you clean blu E Cigs Carts?

  21. WhosAlex says:

    I see your despair at 5:07 as you pull apart your Cig :’(

  22. peacenlove3 says:

    Your videos rock dude. thx for making them. I wish Green smokes customer service wasn’t so rude and screwy!

  23. ECigaretteVideos says:

    As many times as you can. There is no set amount of times however after a while your batting will get messed up.

    With the Green smoke you cannot clean the batting so only use one flavor per cart if possible. I talked to the owner of GS and they are going to be selling empty carts for refilling soon.

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