Freedom Cigarettes, the UKs Favourite E Cigarette Brand Is Going to Expand into the US Market This Year

(PRWEB) May 03, 2012

Electric cigarettes, e-cigs or e cigarettes, as they are known, have never been as popular as they are now with many smokers are making the switch from traditional cigarettes. E-cigs contain no tar, tobacco or omit second hand smoke so they are a healthier and more socially acceptable alternative to smoking tobacco. Freedom Cigarettes have only been running for nine months, but in that time experienced a massive increase on sales month on month. They are winning a good amount of the UKs market share and are now looking to broaden their horizons by moving into the American market. The electronic cigarette market in the US is by far the most competitive in the world with big players like Blu Cigs and NJoy leading the pack. The US market is also quite fragmented with lots of SMEs serving clients on a local level and acquisition is a tactic Freedom Cigarettes might employ.

We are always looking at new ways to expand our business operations and the America market is the next logical step. The initial penetration will be the biggest investment in time and money, but will a good strategy you can reap the rewards. We have been very successful expanding our operations into Ireland, experiencing a massive increase in our customer base, not just from existing smokers, but vapers too looking for a quality and reliable product. The American market will present a lot of new challenges; however we feel that our business plan is pretty solid and our team is more than capable, commented Richard Power of Freedom Cigarettes.

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