Which is the best brand of ECigarettes?

Question by krishna1027: Which is the best brand of E-cigarettes?



I’m trying to help a friend quit smoking. He’s tried everything from hypnotism, the patch, lozenges, gum, inhaler, acupuncture, etc. At this point, I so desperately want him to quit–he’s hurting himself and others around him by doing this.
So, he asked me to help him find another option. I had heard from coworkers and friends who were heavy smokers, that e-cigarettes greatly helped curb their cravings and helped them gradually give up cigarettes altogether.

My question is — which is the best e-cigarette? I know there are many varieties…however the most important thing is a.) good battery life b.) it truly stops a craving — the cartridges are strong enough to curb nicotine cravings c.) isn’t the most expensive.

And for those of you who have used these — what is your experience? I think b/c at this point my friend NEEDS to quit (serious health issues), the e-cig combined with a quitting book (ex: Alan Carr’s Book of Quitting Smoking) might help. He’s been a smoker now for a number of years and smokes roughly 1-1.5 packs a day. Would this help him get over smoking?
Also, how many of you gained weight after switching to e-cigs to quit smoking?

Any help would be appreciated — as i’m hoping this will aid my friend in quitting smoking soon!!

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Answer by Thomas Nast
Hi Krishna;

I’m glad you’re trying to help your friend quit, I know it’s a hard habit to kick. By the sheer amount of things he’s tried, I get the feeling that he has a strong desire to quit, which is a VERY important part of the whole process. And yes, I believe that electronic cigarettes, while not endorsed by any government agency to do so, can help a person quit.

First of all, I’m a representative of the GreenSmoke brand of electronic cigarettes – so I want to be up-front in that I do have some bias in this. However, I also want to give you the cold hard facts on what you get; in the end, whether you choose my company or not, you’re going to be doing your friend a huge service in helping him quit, and I’m sure he’ll be thankful for the rest of his life that you were there when he needed someone supportive. :-)

So, starting off by addressing your concern over the battery life – the length of time that they last varies, mainly depending on how much use the ecig gets. However, Greensmoke uses lithium ion rechargeable batteries, which can be of course used repeatedly and recharged with either the AC adapter or the USB charger. In addition, Greensmoke has an initial 30 day money back guarantee and then a 1 year warranty on all of our products, which should communicate that we stand behind what we sell.

Cravings are caused by a couple of factors; the first, of course, is the nicotine craving. From your post, it sounds like he needs a heavier dose – the highest that GreenSmoke offers is the 16mg nicotine cartridge, which is comparable to non-filtered cigarettes. They also sell 8mg doses, which are comparable to the ‘full flavored’ variety, 6mg doses, which are comparable to ‘light’ varieties, and then ultra light doses of 4mg and finally 0mg doses which are used for flavor only. The second factor in a craving is simply ingrained habit – an example I’ve made in other posts is a smoker who puffs on break at work. Now that smoker wants to quit, and they’re having a successful run with the nicotine replacement, but still get an urge to smoke when they’re in that environment, just because it’s been a habit for a long time. Most electronic cigarettes including GreenSmoke satisfy that aspect by simulating the cigarette, which gives this method a leg up over the patch.

Regarding price now – Greensmoke has a few different kinds of starter kits, and none of them are what anybody would consider ‘dirt cheap’ initially – but they are very reasonable, and as with anything you do get the quality and service you pay for. Moreover, at the rate your friend smokes – these things are a small fraction of the price he’s paying now. The kit I’d recommend as appropriate for your friend is the basic starter kit – with that, you get one short and one long lithium ion rechargeable battery with green tip (the ‘cigarettes’ themselves), a USB home charger kit (with a wall adapter), 5 nicotine cartridges of tobacco (6mg) or as an alternative tobacco M (8mg), and of course the manual. There are different flavors of nicotine cartridges, which is why they give you the options on tobacco. As your friend would probably need the heavier 16mg doses, you’d most likely need to buy some additional cartridges with the starter kit, which cost a flat $ 5 per cartridge non-dependent on the dose or flavor. If you do buy through my website however, you can get some coupon codes that will save you up to 10% on any purchase over $ 100, which is considerable. You can find these codes on the page linked in the source box, in addition to more information on the gradual reduction / nicotine replacement therapy methods.

Aside from ecigs, though – I want to encourage him to take a look at joining a quit smoking group or a quit smoking online forum if he hasn’t already; being part of a community and having all the support possible can really improve the chance of quitting in combination with another method.

I hope you consider taking a look at our company if and when you decide to buy – but as I said in the beginning, no matter which company you decide to go with in the end, you’re doing your friend a huge service, and I want to wish both of you the best; him in quitting smoking, and you in your endeavor to help him. Best regards,


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  1. Mudd1 says:

    Has anyone used the electronic cigarettes to quit smoking? Does it work?

  2. ecigbrandstarterkit says:


  3. Andrew says:

    Obviously the best brand is a personal opinion so im gonna tell you some top brands in my book.
    1.V2 cigs
    2. GreenSmoke ( more expensive but cartridges are better)

    And Chase cigs and Ever Smoke are newer companies. But if you want a really nice ecig go with V2cigs or Chase cigs.

    If you dont mind if doesnt look like a cig and its bigger….. check out the Joyetech Ego-C or a Kgo

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