What ECig gives you the most vapor?

ECigQuestion by Angel: What e cig / e cigarette gives you the most vapor?
I’ve tried 2 different e cigs. One was the X-cig. The first X-cig I bought was wonderful! But the battery shorted out, so I bought another X-cig. It didn’t produce much vapor. I don’t understand why since it was the same brand, but it just did not.

I also bought a pen-style. I think it was called “DSE801″ It would give you one or two good hits, then it wouldn’t do much after that. I even tried buying another DSE801 in case that one was defective. Same thing. No satisfaction.

I’m getting really tired of wasting my money on e cigs that don’t produce much vapor.

Right now I’m considered “Red Dragon”, but am reluctant to spend more money on something I might not like.

Can anyone out there tell me of an e cig that gives you good vapor? And maybe a good throat hit? One that doesn’t cost too much ($ 40 or less would be good).

Please…serious answers only. I’m not looking for a lecture on the dangers of smoking. I’m looking for a satisfying e cig so I can quit smoking.


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Answer by Breeze
ECig Brand is the Number One Top Seller! Mostly because you can try before you Buy so they really need to be the best.

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