Must See E-Cig vs. Marlboro NAPKIN TEST REVIEW! Shocking Results!

Must See E-Cig vs. Marlboro NAPKIN TEST REVIEW!



Today I decided to see just how much “better” ecigs are for you than traditional cigarettes. I decided to use the napkin test with my Megacig and a Marlboro. The results are pretty scary but they are what I expected. After smoking ecigs for a few days and trying a cigarette again, I could almost taste the chemicals like I could my first cigarette. Also, the regular cigarettes made me feel sick! Why? I think the video speaks for itself. The kit is , but you will save much more than that over your first month if not WEEK of use.

I’ve tried others that my friends have bought from the mall and other internet websites and they are no where near as good as megacig. With megacig you get a bottle of juice, that can last you up to 3 months. So, for you get 3 months worth of cigarettes and make yourself and people around you healthier. It’s win win. Hey, you might even quit cigarettes too! I’ve been using them for about a week now and I find regular cigarettes disgusting and only need a few puffs of my megacig a day. Try it!

Hey Guys, This video is not meant to advertise any particular supply site, nor is it meant to recommend any particular product. We made it so that we had somewhere to point new vapers that approach us on the street and ask how they can get started. To be fair, most of these people are not on the street, they are in bars and clubs, so the chances of them retaining websites and “510″ or “eGo” are slim. Corey and I whipped up some fancy-schmancy business cards (rectangle paper slips) and from now on, we’ll hand them out to prospective new vapers. We chose the sites we did because we have dealt with them, know many people who have, or for their simplicity and good prices. Again, this video is not meant for anyone but new (particularly Canadian) vapers who need a hand. Also on this card is my personal email and a list of places to get nic juice from. I excluded these vendors from the video to protect everything they do for us, because of our silly laws and regulations. If any vendor featured in this video would like to be removed, for any reason, please email us to let us know and we will act swiftly. To those who don’t, thanks for being awesome. Email: [email protected] Please Subscribe and Visit us on ECF Charlie is Seaweedshark Corey is electricbumblebee Thanks for watching!

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  1. TNGJester says:

    This is a nice video for someone who is just getting into the vaping seen, good work guys.

  2. agolloher says:

    Hey Charlie, Nice vid! I’ve had a Vape for a couple years and they are awesome! Keep makin videos!

  3. Helped me a lot, just what I was searching for : D.

  4. BatFanBob says:

    Cool …nice info for us newbies

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