I have my ECig Starter Kit What should I do first?

I have my ECig Starter Kit What should I do first?

ECigThe first thing you need to do is connect your ECig Starter Kit starter kit to a wall outlet. Please make sure you charge for 8 hours the first time. I know you want to use your “new toy” right away but it is imperative that the batteries get a really good charge right out of the box. If you absolutely must test out your new e-cigarette take a couple of puffs. Then, charge the batteries for 8 hours like you are supposed to.

Okay, my batteries have been charged; now what?

Now, comes the easy part. Put your e-cig together and start puffing away! There is only one way these things can be put together, so it’s pretty hard to go wrong here. The ECig Starter Kit starter kit comes with “pre-loaded” cartridges. Pre-loaded cartridges already have some sort of e-liquid in them, so there’s not much you need to do here. Most of the time there is a rubber/plastic cap on the e-liquid end of the cartridge. Pop the cap off of the cartridge and throw the cap away. Sometimes, there is an additional piece of plastic film under the plastic/rubber cap that is placed there to further protect the freshness of the e-juice inside of the cartridge. If so, that needs to be discarded as well.

How do I “smoke” this ECig thing?: First off, we do not “smoke” an e-cig; we “vape.” This terminology may come in handy if you are in a restaurant or bar that has a “no smoking” policy. Thank goodness you are only vaping!

You simply drag on the ECig and the microprocessor within the battery senses you are inhaling and will start releasing the vapor. Although this style ECig may sound like it is easier to use, it will take some practice to get it just right. Drawing too hard or too easy will not produce the desired amount of vapor. With ten minutes or so of practice, you should find an amount of suction that is just right for you. Eeeek! Why is my battery flashing me?: There are two times that a battery may start blinking. E-cig models have an automatic cutoff built into the batteries that temporarily shuts the battery down after it has been activated for 5-7 continuous seconds. This is actually a safety mechanism built in to keep people from burning out their atomizers. All E-Cig batteries eventually need to be recharged. You will notice that the more a battery gets drained, the poorer the ecigarette performs. Eventually, your ECig battery will become completely drained and need a recharge. You don’t have to guess when this happens. Your ECig will let you know by flashing repeatedly.

My Atomizer Is Getting Really Hot – Is This Normal?: An atomizer will definitely get warm while you are using it. If it gets really hot, the vapor production actually decreases. It is best to give the atomizer at least a fifteen second break between drags. This will not only prolong the life of the atomizer, but it will result in better vapor production for you.

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Why not Try the ECig?
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