E cigarettes that only use water? safe?

Question by Pezz: E cigarettes that only use water? safe?
my mom quit smoking years ago, but within recent months my brother got her hooked to smoking hookah with flavored shisha. she says act of smoking calms her. she’s addicted to smoking and feeling the smoke.

i saw an ad for american blue tip e cigs, and i looked them up, but all i can find are e cigs that use water and nicotine. I’m ok with my mom smoking water vapor if it calms her down,because she likes the way it feels, but I don’t want her to rekindle her addiction to nicotine.

are there any ecigs that just use water? NO NICOTINE or very few ingredients? so it’s not harmful? at least not as much as smoking hookah?

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Answer by Yu Juy
I dont kno about e ciggs but these herbal smokes contain 100% no nicotein and are a very good substitute to ciggerets i myself have quit smokeing and love the products. The best are at this site.


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  1. George says:

    E Cig brand rocks. I love my starter kit. It has really helped me to cut back on smoking regular cigarettes.

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