5 Tips For New ECig Buyers

5 Tips For New ECig Buyers

We’ll be the first to admit, we’re total newbies when it comes to e-cigs. I consider myself to be pretty good online as far as finding info, but even I find the amount of different information a little overwhelming. So, in the spirit of reaching out to other newbs, we’ve put together this list of what we feel are the most important things we should be looking for when buying our first cigs/starter kits.
1. Order a smaller concentration of nicotine than you think you might need. If you order it too strong, there’s no way for you to dilute it (at this point anyway, since this is new to you). If it’s not strong enough you can always add an extra drop or two

2. Order more e-juice with your initial order. Otherwise, you risk running out soon after getting your starter kit. You would then have to wait for another order of juice to arrive, and in the meantime you would have to go back to spending money on traditional cigs

3. Beware of free trials! A lot of the companies that offer them sell equipment at outrageous prices. Sometimes it’s not just expensive but low-quality too! Shop around online and do some price checking first

4. Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are two ingredients used as a base for the e-juice. If you have difficulty tolerating a juice made with one, you can always switch to a juice based on the other. VG has a more pleasant taste and makes vapor more efficiently than PG, but people tolerate it in different ways.

5. Unless you definitely know which route you want to go, you might think about getting a manual battery and an automatic battery. The manual battery requires you to push a button to activate the atomizer which heats the juice. The auto battery is activated by the user inhaling/drawing on the cig. Both has their pros & cons; it’s more a matter of preference.

We hope this quick list is of value to someone, and that everyone has a pleasurable purchasing experience.

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