hey everyone , just want to say thanks again for the overwhelming support of my viewers and subscribers during my “rough patch” now then , i did purchase this V3 so there is no need for any sort of disclaimer. Things i like about the V3 so far – the switch is fantastic , almost to easy to use sometimes , i could see how some people would want a sturdier spring – the “media blasted” finish on this is nice and soft, and it just looks badass – the locking feature is really nice, i liked it on the GG and i like it on the V3 – the new adapter is more narrow and shorter than the V2 and delivers a very nice airflow with every 510 atty i have used. things i don’t like about the V3 so far – that damn spring is not attached to the switch. There is probably a good reason for this but as it stands every time i switch batteries the spring falls out. I have a horrible feeling i will loose it at some point. – the rattling batteries, they rattle around like crazy in there. not sure if there is a quick fix for this or not. but it’s pretty annoying. otherwise , so far so good. obviously i will report back after i have used it in the “real world” follow me on twitter
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Please keep your inappropriate comments to yourself , this is really only directed at one user , the rest of you guys are badass! sorry for the shaky camera in this video. I think i had an anxiety attack before we shot this. super thanks to Casey from as well for taking some time from her busy schedule to give me an interview. You are a class act all the way. their new forum can be found here and on twitter you can follow @puresmoker for news , events and stock updates http http you can follow me on twitter @grimmgreen as promised here is my first review ever , from 2-22-09 thanks Eskimo
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. GrimmGreen says:

    No coffee juice have ever been as good as CasCap , check out the Kona Cream juice from sweet-vapes . com

  2. Suicide6m3 says:

    Damn no I mean cash cap not cash tab!!!!

  3. Suicide6m3 says:

    Hey is there anyway you could help me???? I have been searching for a liquid that taste like cash tab… Pure Smoker no longer carries it and I miss it so much please could you help? Have you found another liquid that taste similar?

  4. Springwoodland says:

    hey grimmgreen, don’t know if you solved the problem, probly you don’t care anymore cause you know, long time ago, but what I did is postin several its (lol) inside until it fits. vape on. :) great vids u do. totally like

  5. threeamax says:

    Quick question??? anybody know what the shelf life of juice is?? I’ve had some in the boneyard for over 8 months and it seems they have got dark and thick and not tasting too good….

  6. GrimmGreen says:

    oh very cool man! so i have been buying my attys from valuevapor(dot)com , they carry the SLB high res attys, i usually buy the regular resistance from them and the work rad. I know that Ikenvape also carries the high res attys

  7. TheNewLushLife says:

    grimmgreen my man! I recently purchased a V3.1 from puresmoker and im lovin this damn thing. This video was the deciding factor in my choice of PV mod and Im more than satisfied with it. I think what your doing for the e-cig community is fantastic, your videos give in-depth insight and real world application to multiple devices, sick! I recently purchased a GGTS my question to is do u know of a bulk supplier of high res atty’s or atty’s that you like the best? I need a good atty supplier. Thanks

  8. Glowatoke says:

    lol at 4:37 priceless reaction cant say i haven’t done it tho hehehe

  9. Fingerbang973 says:

    Lmao at hitting an atty with no juice. Reaction was funny as hell

  10. anotheremerex says:

    I was having that same issue on my V2, turns out, i was over tightening the attys. You want to screw them in just until you feel the slightest resistance, then give 1/4 turn more, any more that that and you can short em out. Also, I use the high resistance 510′s and adore them. Don’t know if the tightening issue is your problem, but it can’t hurt to try, the V2 is amazing and I’ll soon be getting a V3. Hate to see someone having problems with their’s, hope this helps though.

  11. adracamas says:

    It’s great you’re doing this.  Very informative. Thanks a lot.

  12. blindsk8r490 says:

    Hey grimm I just got my V3 in the mail, but I’m pretty pissed. I ordered the 510 adapter with 4 medium resistance atomizers, and I’ve already burned through 2 of them. I shit you not I killed one within the first 30 minutes of use. What should I do. I know I can’t get the money back, but do you think I should switch to the high resistance?

  13. GrimmGreen says:

    you can vape at 6v with the BB , just not very safely. i try to avoid it. Something like the Omega or the SilverBullet are much safer IMO

  14. wealthcreation says:

    Hey GrimmGreen, thanks for all your videos. Been vaping for awhile and just found your site, GOOD JOB on the videos and reviews. This site will help me in deciding on purchasing another for my collection. Bye the way, you also have a wonderful personality, and a little comedic, at least to me, in a good way of course. That “Let me take a toot here” and then you forgot to put some juice in and take a big vape, well lets just say I’ve watched that a few times……..:) Yes juice is GOOD…..:)

  15. GrimmGreen says:

    the protege was kind of replaced in the puresmoker lineup by the new iCon, it’s kind of a smaller version of the V3

  16. RainbowMonkeyFarts says:

    what happened to the protege and the v2?!?! ive been gone from the vaping world for several months(fell back into analogs) puresmoker it different and they’re gone. (well the v2 i understand i guess cuz of the v3)

  17. GrimmGreen says:

    i know you’re wrong because my site has ZERO ads for anyone. I’t unfortunate that you had V2 issues. i know a lot of people did, i had no problems with my V2 and still don’t. The V3 worked right away , and is still going awesome.

    how about in 6 months i do another follow up with the V3, then we can both see how long it will last.

  18. GrimmGreen says:

    it sounds like a maraca if you shake it yes, i got a medium weight spring and the “maraca” sound went away. The reason they shake to begin with is because the V3 was designed to accomidate RCR123a batteries AND an AW17670 battery. I love my V3 and a lot of other people do as well. i’m ok with you not liking it. thats fine.

    I’m not going to give a good PV a bad review just to prove i’m not friends with someone. I think by now i have proven myself to be un-biased.

  19. GrimmGreen says:

    sorry you feel that way. my V2 has worked awesome since day 1 and is still kicking ass even though it’s been dropped plenty of times. The V3 is even better, I feel that a good vaping experience should have warm vapor, if you don’t want that experience, then stick with a 3.7v device.

    I also have a Screwdriver and it’s awesome. Say what you want, but my loyalties lay with the viewer and NOT the vendors. If something is crap, it’s crap, and if something is good, it’s good.

  20. silentg1211 says:

    Holy crap. i just got it today and this thing is awesome! i need to start cutting my juice now because its waaayy harsh

  21. Marvelcomx says:

    lmao “juice is also a good thing when vaping” good one grimm lol

  22. GrimmGreen says:

    i’m not really sure. if you go over the pure-smokers(dot)com forum , Steve has a thread on how to clean your switch. Because it’s a mechanical switch like the GG or the xHaler i will need to be cleaned periodically to keep it working a full capacity.

  23. mo654331 says:

    my v3 it doesnt fire some time and i blowed up 2 atomizers in one day, do you know why its happening like that

  24. laserjik says:

    goddamn she’s hot………

  25. VanDOOMenStein says:

    You vape…….she vapes……she wears glasses……you wear glasses…..
    I dont know man, I think the two of you may be legally obligated to at least do dinner and a movie.

  26. SidneyXda says:

    man she’s beautiful girl

  27. misterwipedown says:

    Jesus, she is hot!

  28. GrimmGreen says:

    well the next one is in Philly March 25th and 26th , after that there is a VegasVapefest planned for September sometime.

  29. jstAnuthaVapor says:

    What?there’s a vapefest?omg I wanna go!where is it?

  30. stpatrik16 says:

    New retail location….. That’s great maybe it will have a phone…..Nah.

  31. GrimmGreen says:

    Oh very cool dude!!!

  32. djmo0re says:

    awesome video grimm great interview. just got an email back from casey too, just got about 5 people to buy new PV’s from PS. haha PHILLY VAPEFEST IS GONNA BE THAT SHIIIIIT!!! hahahah

  33. rippergary says:

    She’s a cutie pie.
    Go to google video and just type grimm green, and anything with grimm will come up!!

  34. rippergary says:

    She’s a cutie pie.

  35. eclipsestorm1975 says:

    did you get any from casey?

  36. rbass311 says:

    Okay. So I TOTALLY live in Nashville, and everytime I go to PS I wonder when they’re gonna open their lounge. It’s definitely doable at their new location. Can’t wait man- they’re all really cool and seem like good peeps.

  37. vraciudude says:

    DUDE, Puresmoker stuff seems to be well built, cause most of the stuff till now, even the Joye/Janty stuff sometimes looks and behaves like Chinese crap.
    So ppl at puresmoker PLEASE try to speak with a company and make AMERICAN built Atomizers.

  38. GrimmGreen says:

    lol , the store is in NASHVEGAS AKA Nashville Tennessee and as far as i know it’s not yet open

  39. santanatrucking says:

    Is the store in Vegas she mentioned already open ?

  40. GrimmGreen says:

    yeah i can’t say enough nice things about Casey , she is such a badass.

  41. meyiyiyi55 says:

    totally awesome interview.casey is so cool..

  42. GrimmGreen says:

    lol , dude believe me i was starstruck through the whole interview. I was starstruck in all my interviews… except Drew , i was just scared at that point lol , just kidding… love Drew

  43. 600TREX says:

    ubber classy interview Grimm (as always).
    Enjoyed your coverage of the event.

    Whoda thought you’d get to interview the fabulous CASEY from PS??

    Schweet deal man…

    Keep on Vaping… *Oh wait, that’s your line*

  44. ElectricPurple2009 says:

    bad ass st lois is only a 7 hr drive for me

  45. GrimmGreen says:

    wow , thank you so much. Puresmoker has some cool shit coming up for sure , and Casey is a freaking celebrity lol

  46. Knapweed says:

    You’ve got a really relaxed but credible style about you Grimm and it’s great to see the lady behind the scenes of my Protege.

    Great interview, which was effortless to watch. I’m also intrigued by the ‘hints’ but content to wait for the forthcoming announcement. lol

    Kudos to you matey; keep ‘em coming. :)

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