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Prosmoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Complete review of the Prosmoke Electronic Cigarette including battery life, Charging Pack, and most important- the new design cartridges that are now MADE IN THE USA (you don’t hear that often)Throat Hit and Vapor output. Also includes Unboxing, Demostration and Comparison between other top rated E-Cigarettes. This review is based on Prosmoke’s newly designed flavored cartridges. After testing out many ECIGS I am comfortable in endorsing Prosmoke. They have the best VG flavors with a good throat hit. you can check out the pricing on their starter kits here you can contact me at [email protected] for any questions. thanks

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19 Responses to “My Freedom Smokes USA 510 E-Cig Starter Kits Sale Unboxing Vapor Production and Contents Deal”

  1. AudioCzar says:

    Ok i will !!!

  2. smoken joey says:

    Hey Audio- very rare this happens- but if was using his own e liquid to fill the carts and put too much in- this will happen– Also if he puffed on it using the shipping cartridge it came with he may have burnt the atty. I have never had this happen– just follow my prosmoke tips video.Hey if you do order can you do me a favor and go to my website and click on the prosmoke link? I get a little credit when done this way, also use “smokenjoey” for a discount in the coupon code area– thanks

  3. AudioCzar says:

    Iam jumping into the e cig game & I think I will go with this cig I saw a review of a guy crying about a “burnt taste” when inhaling this ever experince that

  4. smoken joey says:

    No problem– you can charge it and charge a cigarette at the same time. you can charge it from the computer or outlet- hope that helps- thanks

  5. XLikeaBoss23X says:

    sorry for bugging you so much smokenjoey but just curious i just got my pro smoke charger case and was wondering if i need to fully charge it before use or just start using it

  6. smoken joey says:

    make sure to subscribe to my channel on youtube- i have some good videos coming up next week

  7. smoken joey says:

    you’ll like it– anything is better than blu cig– check out my prosmoke tips – good stuff — next order you place go to my website smokenjoey and click on the prosmoke icon- to take you to their site — i get a little credit when it is done this way. you can also enter smokenjoey in the coupon code area to get a discount– thanks for your comment and good luck- let me know how it works out and email me with any questions

  8. dungtri92 says:

    I just ordered mine !! Nice review ! Really excited to try it out ! hopefully it’s better than my Blu :D

  9. smoken joey says:

    No but i will check it out– thanks for the tip. i am game for any electronic cig– thanks again

  10. XLikeaBoss23X says:

    Hey Joey just curious if yu have ever heard of totally vapor or tried it

  11. vasilisroumel says:

    prosmoke has the best tasting flavors and longest lasting too …fo realz…blu sucks, v2 use PG …only VG for me …..

  12. smoken joey says:

    I will have a video out within a week about attys. basically, if it doesn’t heat up its bad. Stay tuned, thanks

  13. jetliorigami says:

    How do you know when the atomizer needs to be changed?

  14. smoken joey says:

    hello Niishaw, thanks for your post– I probably would have said the same thing until i tried the 3 piece design. The only extra part you may need is the atomizer. the battery and atomizer together cost about the same as the battery for V2. But since you ordered the V2 already thats fine– if you have a problem with V2 running out of stock (which they do) you can order white cloud cartridges or V4L carts– they both work on V2, you can fill your old V2 carts with your smoke juice also- email me

  15. smoken joey says:

    I smoked V2 for several months before trying out other e-cigs. i still do every now and again but I truely am not kidding when i say the 3 piece design produces a lot of vapor and throat hit without making my throat feel like drinking a pepsi (slight burn) all the time– i was really surprised when i tried out Prosmoke and even the EGO (both 3 piece design) with this design you can feel the vapor hit your throat and move down into your lungs (like a real cig) the 2 piece just hits your throat

  16. smoken joey says:

    (see my first post)– I decided to try other e-cigs — 3% of people are severly allergic to PG and a lot of others have minor reactions (like me). Once you try a 3 piece design like the Prosmoke, after using a 2 piece (V2) you will realize why my review is the way it is. I do have some tricks with the V2, like filling your old carts with VGjuice, which is much smoother- i will post some of these tricks this week. you will get a good throat hit with V2 but not as much vapor- you should be happy

  17. smoken joey says:

    V2 was my first e-cig and it did get me to quit smoking, which is well worth it, however that was my first e-cig. I do my reviews one by one. first it was V2/whitecloud, blucig, Prosmoke and now southbeach. I am happy with my V2 except for the irritated throat, tickle, burnt plastic/chemical taste when the cart starts to dry up and dehydration. This is what got me into investigating other kits– since the kits are about the same price as a carton of tobacco—- continue on next post

  18. Niishaw says:

    Also the 3 piece design might work for you, but the extra parts are not ideal and I have not had the V2 cigs activate on me as you claim in this video. I would like to try the prosmoke, buy being South African I find it hard to get my hands on these products.

  19. Niishaw says:

    I am just curious on a few things here, are you really being unbiased when reviewing an American brand ecig or do you really think prosmoke is that good? And who cares if the drag is smoother? I smoke camels and I tell you that there is nothing ‘smooth’ about it so when smoking a ecig that is suppose to simulate a cigarette I would want that hard hitting throat hit. I just ordered the V2 and now your review has caused a lot of confusion.

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