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  1. igetcha69 says:


    cheers mate! :D

  2. tankboyben says:

    Cheers Scott, just have. Looks good, not as smart looking as the lil mama but nice price and looks to be better designed, thanks for that :-)

  3. igetcha69 says:

    hi mate,

    check out my review on the ACTv3… tank around imo ;)



  4. tankboyben says:

    Scott are there any tanks as good as the lil mama from the uk? probably being stingey but £31 from U.S. seems a bit much to me :)

  5. iamn00kie99 says:

    who the heck would “dislike” a review made by Scott eh?

  6. igetcha69 says:

    cheers mate! :D 

  7. pbusardo says:

    Really was a very good looking rig.

  8. pbusardo says:

    Those are some beautiful tips (don’t read that too fast :-)

  9. DaBuzzKilla says:

    thanks for that, i only mentioned it because my juices tend to be thick.

    I like the design of a few of these tips, and thought that the hole seemed a bit narrow, compared to the tips i already have.

    I enjoy your reviews, so keep up the good work :D


  10. igetcha69 says:

    hi mate,

    I’ve just checked and they do fit……its not an overly tight fit though, but snug ;)



  11. igetcha69 says:

    yeah that sounds pretty cool mate! :D

  12. igetcha69 says:

    hi mate,

    i did mention that i personally don’t direct drip anymore and instead use drip tips as a mouthpiece when using the tank systems (like many other people do)

    but yes, i probably should have tested whether the tips are actually okay for drippers so sorry about that :(

    all i can say is that they appear to be pretty much like most other drip tips on the market so should work equally well :)



  13. DaBuzzKilla says:

    with this being a review on drip tips, you didnt mention dripping.

    to me the passage looks too narrow… did you have much issues getting the juice down the drip tips, does the juice still flow down into the atty as easily as other tips?

  14. MrSteelMage says:

    Nice review. Looks like a really great line up of Drip Tips. Some very cool designs. I tend to agree that restricting air flow has not been a problem. For me it is usually trying to get more air flow, especially as an atty or carto ages a bit.

  15. DeviantDigi says:

    A drip tip that would allow more flow [somehow] would be useful. But the other way around, innovative but not practical. I don’t need something to assist me with inhaling slower lol. Which in turn, I don’t need the assist because I buy the heating element that fits my preference.


  16. tankboyben says:

    That looks freekin awesome, I wish you could get all those bits in a copper or brass finish though, I’d love to build a steam punk style vape machine. Would be cool to have some little brass bars running up the sides off the little mamma with wooden slats (like a barrel) on the battery part……and a red light inside the mamma tank, ah well I can dream :-)

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