how to replace smoking cartridge on a electric cig?

Question by get em: how to replace smoking cartridge on a electric cig?
ok i just bought an electric cig and its time to replace the cartridge.

well its a simple $ 10 gas station 21st century smoke cig and i bought a pack of replacement cartridges. there is the main mouth piece that is green that came with the cig. i opened the 6 pack cartrdige refill and took out the small plastic canastir thats holding the wick with the liquid in it, but i dont know where to put it in the e cig????? any helps appreciatied.


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What kind of electronic cigarette do you have? Is it a 2-piece or 3-piece model. As for the cartridges, are both sides sealed or can you see the inside of one? If both sides of the cartridge is sealed, meaning you only have a little hole on both sides, then it is for a 2-piece modeled electronic cigarette. This means you simply unscrew the cartridge from your existing e-cig and screw the new one on. If you can see the inside of the cartrdige, then it is likely for the 3-piece super mini model. To replace the cartridge, simply pull the old cartrdige out, and pop the next one in. To learn more, go to .

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