Health E Cigarette Review from DX

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  1. MusicCentra says:

    Are you guys serious you have to buy refils and it took 8 days for me to get it (West-EU)
    They dont break they just get empty and you can buy 20 for 2,30 Euro

  2. Jonker1FART says:

    me too really crappy quality

  3. easyliquid says:

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  4. shindouhikaru43 says:

    thats where i live!!!

  5. jenklefritz says:

    I smoked cigarettes for 20 + years. I tried all the electronic cigarette brands. The only one that helped me quit for good is V2Cigs. I have been smoke free for three months now. I used the discount code JENKLEFRITZ for 10% off V2cig products, including reupping on the cartridges. Try the Cherry and the Cola flavors, they are both great. Congress is my favorite. Sahara is a close second. Really strong vapor hit, it’s so much like smoking a cigarette you will be amazed. -Joel

  6. russiaAirsoft123 says:

    Insteaad of thoes smoke weed

  7. Kennethajap29 says:

    man, those are not smell bad. Just like the normal c gar taste. I have brought two. But, it takes a month to arrive your home. lol

  8. ayyrodjackson says:

    I love your fucking lips (,:

  9. XMrChicagoX says:

    @TheDoucheFairy same here im having the same problems with the ones i just bought

  10. TheDoucheFairy says:

    how come yours works and mine doesnt!? i was claiming this a rip off i have the automizer and the battery put on right, charged it for a day, and no vapor… i even tried the spare refills… doesn’t work…

  11. cripz4lifenigga151 says:

    do those smell bad ?

  12. thebubbaking17 says:

    hey i smoke a pack a day of export A Red Kingsize, would u recomend getting one?

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