E Health E Cig review

Full and in-depth review into this E Cig by E Health.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

E-Health Cigarette

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39 Responses to “E Health E Cig review”

  1. BakersVault says:

    I bought my E-health cigarette today. I’m using it to quit. But i bought mine brand new £11 for the cigarette itself and £1 for a box of 10 cartridges.

  2. ThierryvanDijk says:

    smoke it!

  3. TheSpreedy says:

    hey all
    I can’t see eny Cartridges on amazon eny one there can help ?

  4. girlunfrozen says:

    Brilliant review thank you!

  5. susanstormborn says:

    yeah the e-health cigs are made in china. Thats why the instructions are so shitty. I just ordered a kit and a bunch of nicotine free vanilla cartridges. Im trying to kick the habit. I think these will help and theyre cheap. Oh and they come in chargable packs now and they have a website that looks pretty legit.

  6. AzlieAndHasyrulHQ says:

    hye.. nice video.. i jst wnt to ask 1st.. if i buy one, what flavor they give? :)

  7. MaTchBoOkPoEt says:

    6 pounds? guy just dropped off a e health starter kit 30 canadian he wanted 40 for a pack of 16 said ten dollar gas fee aswell

    anyone in van help me out with cheaper deals?

  8. XxStevenxX97 says:

    get a new atomizer

  9. MIKEakaSMOKY says:

    i have one of these but it dont smoke at all what do i do

  10. skyfrog696969 says:

    I got mine for 12 50

    the cartridges last about 70 to 100 puffs

    the standard flavour is terrible try the menthol it is much smoother

    I have found that the flavour wil occasionally change to a foul synthetic tast which is unpleasant but this passes and normal flavour resumes after a few draws

  11. styleofhabit says:

    I just bought this, $15 from fair price, and it’s actually really good. just got to use it correctly.

  12. illkillyoubitch says:

    you are only dragging on it for like 1-2 seconds so no wonder why you don’t get any vapor. Take it to the shut off light!

  13. illkillyoubitch says:

    not sure why you would put vanilla extract in an e-cig. buy or make the real stuff you are supposed to put in.

  14. TheRudedude8 says:

    to refill u can get a eye droper an put vinilla extract in the crtrig

  15. TheRudedude8 says:

    nice vid

  16. ElektronischRoken says:

    for the dutch i made a review on these, or for teh others, get google translate on my site and read it ;-)

  17. ElektronischRoken says:

    Don’t buy these, look for the colibri from epuffer or something to start, these are worthless, even dangerous.

  18. mechreports1 says:

    did u make the unboxing mate? and is it worth getting for a beginner?

  19. greaser8011 says:

    I order some on amazon and its going to take 4 weeks ill try to make review on it or unboxing

  20. len59356 says:

    the one you see on this video is obselete model..less battery life..less smoke..less flavor..hard to puff…search on youtube about EGO cigarettes,KGO cigarettes…clearomizers,,CE2..there you will find the best starter kit for vaping..lots of vapor lots of flavor..long battery life etc.

  21. Vl4d1k96 says:

    ce tigan frt …. asta e tigan?

  22. lip0sync0 says:

    someone plx help me out i bought this but no vapor comes out why is this

  23. VossaBygde says:

    maaaan i feel like watching a jackie chan movie now. you remind me of him, in a good way :D

  24. theMaikol1995 says:

    my dad has one of this

  25. XxXAdYtZuXxX says:

    ce bucuros e tiganu:))=))

  26. Madlenthejumper says:

    i have it they are great :)

  27. RRapDiss says:

    0:35 lol

  28. StreetWise1994 says:

    Where to get it..?? I want it locally..

  29. whitecloadsscareme1 says:

    ya enjoy your freakin e cig you lucky bastard. i bought one from deal extreme and its probably gonna take 3 weeks to get to me which blows.

  30. thomasplayspoker1 says:

    I offer a large amount of flavors and nic levels and i do accept paypal and i offer dual e cig with 10 cartridges for 22.99 free shipping esmokenow.webs.com

  31. thomasplayspoker1 says:

    Best prices for refills and e-cig better than ebay esmokenow.webs.com

  32. Kawasakys says:

    i just bought one like this.
    i will get that tomorow, cant wait ;) ))

  33. MultiAlexander121 says:

    i like that shit man!good!!

  34. ss5554u says:

    buyt it frm topcig.co.uk

  35. chemiker002 says:

    I want one ._.

  36. deathaker says:

    Facebook FTW!

  37. StoriesMyStyle says:

    Wow this looks pretty cool, I’m getting one soon and after seeing this I’m really lookin forwands to getting it.

  38. Tealy855 says:

    Health e Cigarettes ?. The 2 cigarette set is now available for
    less than forty bucks at vaporjack, dot com
    the single less than 20

  39. alimshaari says:

    canggih2 rokok elektronik ,ada asap x bahaya,x berbau busuk,ada berbagai perisa seperti rokok2 biasa…x payah pakai lighter tapi ada api dan menyala juga..hebat2 utk perokok tegar boleh cuba ni…lagi jimat sgt2

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