Best Electronic Cigarettes Brand on the Web- Smokeless Delite

This Electronic Cigarettes has the best electronic cigarettes on the market This electronic cigarette video goes over some of the electronic cigarettes and smokeless cigarettes accessories the Smokeless Delite electronic cigarette company has to offer. Some of the products include the Premo electronic cigarette starter kit, USA made e cigarette cartridges, the pen style smokeless cigarette, carrying cases by SmokelessDelite, portable electornic cigarette carrying charger by , electronic cigarette car chargers, and some of the electornic cigarette cartridges by Smokeless Delite. https Check out Smokeless Delite electronic cigarettes company’s newest weight loss product- to burn fat and lose weight.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Electronic Cigarette - Best Electronic Cigarette Brand – Best e cig ever
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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44 Responses to “Best Electronic Cigarettes Brand on the Web- Smokeless Delite”

  1. hmoore41 says:

    I just got the premo kit and I love it. But, does anybody know if other brands of cartridges will work with a smokeless delite battery/atomizer?

  2. vnguyen38 says:

    My favorite e-cig is the “echo” electronic cigarette. Hit’s smooth and full of flavor. Got mine at ECIGSANDJUICE . com

  3. MegaSmokeShop says:

    discount electric cigarettes

  4. tjroller85 says:

    well google smartvapors. use tjr62915 for 15% off of any order. really a good product and very low prices. all orders over $50 gets free ship in the usa. They have the large batterys, small batterys and a number of flavor cartimizers and juices. All levels and blanks to fill yourself

  5. DeMaRcAmRx says:

    Is the guy in the video single? =)

  6. liamjd1 says:

    ehhhh im a real tightwad, will it cost more than cigarettes? cause if so i think i’ll just chance lung cancer.

  7. TommyTee2008 says:

    cartridges are what produces the vapour and delivers nicotine, and they will run out. you can probably get the equivilant of 2 – 3 cigarettes from each cartridge.

  8. joewoo127 says:

    does it come with a lighter ?

  9. joewoo127 says:

    remakable ,Brilliant Concept ! … way ahead of its time !

  10. cigarettes4 says:

    Smokers, I like you!

  11. neemz4567 says:

    great video on electronic cigarettes, I quit smoking with the Smokeless Delite USA version!!!C Thanks Smokeless Delite!

  12. neemz4567 says:

    great video on electronic cigarettes, I quit smoking with the Smokeless Delite USA version!!!C Thanks Smokeless Delite!

  13. volcoman24 says:

    Great Electronic Cigarette Video! Smokeless Delite has the best e-cigarettes EVER! They also have USA made cartridges that no one else has! :) smokelessdelite com is your only choice for electronic cigarettes.

  14. FreeLessonsOnGuitar says:

    that’s water vapour.

  15. psycotheguitarist says:

    i have a question…
    does it ever run out? like, can u only use it a certain number of times?

  16. CigEscape says:

    Smokeless Delite is a great electornic cigarette!!!

  17. SmokelessDelite says:

    No it would not bother her at all. There is no smell and no second hand smoke. It does not matter the nicotine level/ mgs. that would affect the vapor production.

  18. SmokelessDelite says:

    The difference is in the nicotine levels. Smokeless Delite offers many different levels of nicotine levels- 16mg, 11mg, 6mg, and 0 mg. Real cigarettes contain many carcinogens and other deadly chemicals.

  19. TheVapingninja says:

    let me guess your VERY new to e cigs…
    no affiance take i hope…
    check out my reviews

  20. bobthesalesclerk says:

    can you say over priced old technology??? 129 fora starter and 17 bucks for a 5 pack of cartomizers that taste like crap…if anyone is considering purchasing this it please research first. you can get kr808 starter kits for 30 bucks or a joye ego kit for 60 that produces 3 times the vapor with 5 times the battery life. cartomizers hound never be more than 8 bucks a 5 pack. this company is a rip off

  21. malmborg1996 says:

    wheres the awesome button?

  22. i4mL3git says:

    awesome video

  23. JustDonniemusic says:

    I like it 

  24. SuarezcqYMPSuSh says:

    Wow! Thats awesome

  25. Swells360gameplays says:

    Keep them comming :D

  26. kunskendy234 says:

    (This Clip Is JUST BLAZING !)

  27. ajrj009 says:

    As soon as I found this video out I cant stop watching It!

  28. MegaOfek123 says:

    YOu are gonna be a big youtuber my friend this is some really good stuff! Good luck!

  29. kunskendy234 says:

    (This Clip Is JUST BLAZING !)

  30. Swells360gameplays says:

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  31. thanh5252 says:

    thumps uppppppppp for this nice video 

  32. 0hOhChersonissos says:

    oh cool! thanks for uploading this was looking for it!

  33. leachlc says:

    Totally subbing you! OMG <3

  34. leachlc says:

    Totally subbing you! OMG <3

  35. leachlc says:

    Totally subbing you! OMG <3

  36. Swells360gameplays says:

    Keep them comming :D

  37. khoigame says:

    This video totally made me lol ;)

  38. Swells360gameplays says:

    Keep them comming :D

  39. AkkiAka420 says:

    great video thanks

  40. JustHoldHands says:

    You have made me extremely happy after watching this video!

  41. theringer921 says:

    Wow this video is extremely fascinating!

  42. hoangnguyenquy says:

    Subbed! <3 k and favourited. OMG its so good + 1 like

  43. ermaigawd says:


  44. codIgaming says:

    very? funny

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