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E Cig Brand Starter Kit

ok… so i didnt explain that much but it does prove a point. Real cigarettes VS e-cigs— E-cigs…. E-cigs win!!! I can smell taste and feel alot better switching from real cigs to these!!!! And thats a good thing!!! I’m not saying they are healthy by any means but they are no where near as bad as a real cig! i think time will will prove that fact. So if your a smoker and you want to be more healthy, then this is a way to go without quiting :)
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16 Responses to “Electronic cigarette”

  1. mageac says:

    when is apple going to release the “I cig”

  2. laronmaron98 says:

    I can’t be sure, but I think the “video” SiMpLeJuNkY refers to is the early 1980′s Topol Smoker’s toothpaste commercial (it’s here on YouTube somewhere).

    I’ve always remembered that, and the “nasty, nasty” tar left after filtering the exhale.

    This video is epic. SiMpLeJuNkY is the first person I’ve seen to use that demonstration to show the benefits of vaping.

  3. GetTheHook says:

    Good video but you are really obnoxious.

  4. BikerJake2010 says:

    lovin the videos m8, should come 2 england lol you are funny as bro.

  5. W35T1Y says:

    Just ordered from https://www.ecigbrandstarterkit.com/go/ecig-brand-starter-kit

  6. GreatMiilenko says:

    Next time give me the ciggs. sucka.

  7. FragdaddyXXM says:

    what kind of e-cigarette is that?

  8. n00bslayer0014 says:

    Dude! It’s like I found someone who has ADD that is actually WORSE than my own lol

  9. sapher2020 says:

    This guy reminds me of the actor Michael Shannon!!!!

  10. kjohnson1167 says:

    I think you should show this video to the FDA who wants to ban our e-cigs

  11. quickplaya says:

    Ok… I have to admit. You are EXACTLY LIKE FREDDY FOX! Please look him up! I think you guys are lost brothers! Keep the videos commin DOOOD!!!!!!

  12. Sonyatech1 says:

    I love your videos – glad you made the switch :) Wait until you go to a big battery mod. (not big in size…just vapor) Welcome to vaping. It’s a whole new..better smelling…healthier world.

  13. SerinaJK says:

    Dude, I had to turn my head away when I saw the tar….ugh *shudders*

  14. crippledbazooka says:


  15. angelos714 says:

    good video buddy

  16. omdman1 says:

    I’m enjoying your videos. I too originally went with Green Smoke. They have offered to replace my batteries. I think my problem is that I overcharged them. I have also just got the Smoke Tip and so far it is amazing, better than Green Smoke and 1/2 the price. Batteries are still only good for about 2 hours but much more inhale. The regular tastes like shit though, I was a menthol smoker and the menthol for Smoke Tip is excellent! Just hoping the batteries continue to last.

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