Cigarette Review: Winston (Red Box)

8 out of 10 nice cigarette strong flavor

Another request, here is the Camel Crush Cigarette Review! Please subscribe and comment! Also, heres the image I was talking about in the video: And here is a clearer picture of the Menthol Ball:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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44 Responses to “Cigarette Review: Winston (Red Box)”

  1. grimreap93 says:

    @killcoindesign fsc is glue used to put carpet down its stupid i fucking miss when a cigarette would stay lit

  2. cmbosis says:

    r u even old enough to smoke?

  3. changfu3 says:

    @BryceeTB those are reds

  4. killcoindesign says:

    FSC isn’t an additive, it’s merely thicker paper in various sections that restrict air intake through the sides.

  5. BryceeTB says:

    are these more harsh than reds?

  6. chopper14north says:

    @DeeDeeSmart skateboard accident he said on other video

  7. 420Thundercats says:

    @Kortcubain when i was livin in norway dude they look way different i kno wat u mean

  8. monsterbaldwin says:

    Quitting smoking sucks fucking dick!

  9. DeeDeeSmart says:

    what the fuck happened to your front teeth ? lMFAO!

  10. ashley333ist says:

    winston were my mom and dads fave smokes they quit 20 years ago
    i smoke newports 100s gonna try some winston

  11. lauralikes says:

    they’re so expensive here:(

  12. HiCapacity says:

    Best cigarettes ever. 

  13. Kortcubain says:

    It’s weird how the Winston package looks way different here in Sweden where I live, though it’s the same brand

  14. UcantStopSYNE says:

    dude they are strong

  15. surfinthetao says:


  16. Gooddog2898 says:

    @XxOhioxxHutchxX ahhh nice

  17. XxOhioxxHutchxX says:

    @Gooddog2898 you could still get mouth cancer but its unlikely to happen

  18. Gooddog2898 says:

    so if u dont inhale u dont have a chance to get cancer?

  19. camelwidesmoker says:

    Cool review, man – you really know how to drag like a man

  20. kan3131 says:

    they burn so fast

  21. texican512 says:

    menthol smells like vicks actually. vicks has menthol in it. the difference about these cigarettes is you’re smoking regular tobacco thru menthol infused filter instead of smoking tobacco treated with menthol. i like them better.

  22. johnie654 says:

    Great vid keep them comeing

  23. JGPrankcalls says:

    it probably is vicks chest rub HAHA

  24. toasteeze says:

    @CornOnTheSnake all camels have cotton filters or just the crush?

  25. alexisdabest1 says:

    really liked the video

  26. miller49dc says:

    4:25 gay moment

  27. breakingthehabit28 says:

    you basically have to pop the camels cherry

  28. miloesalazar says:

    Man guy get the fuck outta here. Its fukn people like you that bitch about smokers. We will stop when the reactors stop polluting.

  29. GeneticSwagg says:

    idgaf what this dumbass says camel crush is the best!

  30. OblivionKisame says:

    to me its like u get a nice clean tast not alot of nasty after tast and u dont reay tast a chemical tast like wat u get from regular malbro special blends

  31. 132oink says:

    lol good for sinus problems, that’s so ironic

  32. minecraftletsplayPL says:

    i just smoking that XD

  33. blue2284 says:

    Quiting is for losers. Winners never quit.

  34. southerncountryboy8 says:

    that little menthol ball reminds me of those little listerine orb things that you use to be able to buy.

  35. conanobrianvomit says:

    @tamiktamik Wasting not waisting. Also a comma after “that”, because otherwise it sounds like your saying that im setting up wasting money, which doesn’t make any sense. Nice try though

  36. MrWhitePower0813 says:

    haha you guys think im swerious but ive been smoking for a while haha

  37. tamiktamik says:

    @conanobrianvomit nice, have fun setting up all that waisting 1 thousand of your money faggot.

  38. conanobrianvomit says:

    I’m going to play this video at your funeral when you die of lung cancer. Everybody will be crying, and they will be asking “why?, why did little Billy or what ever the fuck his name is have to die”? And then they will be reminded why you died when I play this video on a huge 3d T.V., and I won’t forget to give them their 3d glasses.

  39. clank1 says:

    I laughed so hard during this with the menthol comments. %2.6 menthol in vapor rub, a topical analgesis XD I always wondered why when I smoke cigs my nose clears up. Awesome review man

  40. DrRobotpingas says:


    All cigarettes are fiberglass free. Stop listening to stupid rumors your stoner friend tells you.

  41. ShateredRemainsBand says:

    @MrWhitePower0813 fuck off

  42. ShateredRemainsBand says:

    @jordanv330 hey fuckface relax! its his fucking desion you fucking prick!!!

  43. tripleJmovies says:

    ..or just French inhale

  44. rpksaws911 says:

    try the camel silvers. menthol at first then extra minty. one drag feels like straight up mint its great :) i dont like the normal crush’s they taste bad

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