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EASY cleaning for 510 atomizers and cartridges. Sorry so glum…just traveling again and wish I was home!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. g00se22 says:

    Never had problems with VG and as you say TH,flavour and vapour are all good. Would be still using them if they didn’t randomly deposit their contents out the bottom…oh and those damn bungs.

  2. Woodchuck1949 says:

    @igetcha69 “Cool” (and I’m sure it is ;) …… Thanks Scott!

  3. igetcha69 says:


    glad to hear you are liking them too mate! :D



  4. ozorg says:

    good review. got mine from another wicked place, but they are the same as these. i really like the c-e3′s: easy to use and vaping on them is good too. cheers!

  5. igetcha69 says:


    sorted ;)

  6. TBnotTB says:

    @igetcha69 That be fine Scott – Thanks! :)

  7. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    oops! sorry about that :(

    i cant change the actual video unfortunately, but i can add a YouTube annotation to state the correct price :)



  8. ZombiteDeSade says:

    Some small points i would add to Scott’s video here would be: if you are used to the CE2 XL’s and like them, you might be slightly disappointed with the cooler vaper these produce. The heating coil at the bottom rather then the top does mean by the time it reaches your mouth its much colder then a standard CE2. In my experience, these are OK, but not as good as the CE2 for vapor or flavor. I also absolutely hate that little plug! Putting it back in can be a real pain.

  9. lutobor13 says:

    What the difference with G4?

  10. TBnotTB says:

    Cheers Scott – great review!
    The slight bit of e-liquid you get at the mouthpiece end (about once per fill over the course of using one) is actually liquid condensing at the top from usage. When this happens, I just pull the mouthpiece out, and shake excess drop or 2 into the bin (easier than getting a tissue on it!).
    Btw, the £9.90 price quoted is if the customer selects a syringe as an extra to go with the 5-pack @ £8.95.
    Thanks again,

  11. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    my fave menthol is one called “Eskimo” from Liberro………a very nice vape indeed! :D



  12. igetcha69 says:


    cheers! :D

  13. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    i was quite surprised to hear that a couple of people i know were having wicking probs with the smokymizers …… could well be the case that they are filling them up all the way to the top like you suggested so i will ask them and find out ;)



  14. lanyerd1 says:

    doing great mate keep it up

  15. njeffers1 says:

    Another great review Scott. Keep ‘em coming mate. I’m using all VG mixes in these (my own mixes) w/ no wicking problems. I do thin some of my mixes slightly with distilled water, but they’re still very thick Only wicking problem I had was when I failed to leave a bit of air in when I first filled one (I think, like the Tanks, they need that to get the siphoning action going). I’m loving the flavor and vapor from these smokys. Just may be my new vaping “weapon of choice”. ;-)

  16. Woodchuck1949 says:

    Great review as usual Scott! You are always thorough and the video quality is top-notch on the closeups.

    BTW, you mention menthol flavor on the eliquid. I vape almost exclusively menthol flavors. Any particular menthol eliquid that you favor personally?

  17. igetcha69 says:


    cheers mate! :D

  18. easylyt says:

    Sweet, thanks.

    Nice review by the way, keep em coming :)

  19. igetcha69 says:


    okay mate, cheers………i will pass on that info to the guys i know who use a VG juice ;)

  20. igetcha69 says:


    hi mate,

    im finding them to be pretty hard wearing………and i reckon if you can get 2 weeks out of a carto then you will easily get that out of a smoky ;)



  21. ldemo381611 says:

    (lol Caterpillar is a major diesel engine manufacturer.) I fluff the wick before I put the cap on. I just pull the wick up a bit to cover more of the slot in the ceramic cup. I also burn the wick to change flavors, the PG/VG burns off without burning the wick so it takes the new flavor without any mixing of flavors.

  22. graffsucks says:




  23. easylyt says:

    How long are you getting out of these when compared to something like a carto?, I can usually get a good couple of weeks out of a LR smoktech carto, if these are similar i would defintly give them a try.

  24. MegaVideosinHD says:

    They only thumbed up this video cause they thought if they thumbed it down he would breaky your face ten people are real men

  25. Chunkyboe says:

    @UBRocked He’s Batman

  26. themasteradida says:


  27. illkillyoubitch says:

    @jlynn1031 keep your atties wet, but not too wet. I learn the hard way… if it gets dry it will get hot and bad tasting, but if you put too much it will barely work at all and you have to blow the juice out. Make sure to top off your cartridges here and there and don’t use them until they are dry.

  28. philbateman1989 says:

    @olivermctexas Yeah, it will only extend the life by a few weeks and means you have to drip, but it’ll hold you over while replacement attys are in the post or whatever.

  29. olivermctexas says:

    @philbateman1989 excellent coment . best not to do this mod till the atty is on ot,s way out , but you will get 2 or 3 weeks extra out of it .

  30. olivermctexas says:

    not sure why nobody in the know has told us to make the mod i,ve outlined in my last post,,,below….it really works great .

  31. olivermctexas says:

    i now use the 510 , i use a cart with tuffing in it and use the top up method , i almost gave up on these things due to lack of vapour and a mouth full of eliquid everytime till i studied the filter , and worked out the problem . the filter has a small round plastic plate in it half way down . this traps liquid near the filter which screws up the whole thing . drill out or poke the thing out with a small screwdriver , clean out the filter and you will get imense vape and no nasty juices . try

  32. sickmansickman says:

    very very good info bro. juicing off my new ego today and i am impressed!
    love my drip tip too.Thanks…

  33. philbateman1989 says:

    Pull the mesh, fibre and bridge out of the atty, essentially leaving it “naked” aside from the wick at the very bottom. This will increase vapor output by a huge amount on an atty that’s past its best :)

  34. WelshTugs says:

    How many times are you going to say UUM lol I am out of here cant take any more

  35. UBRocked says:

    @jlynn1031 Go to healthcabin,net (or a U.S based company if you want pay more but receive it faster) and pick up a Joye EGO. There is a regular version with a 510 atty and a cone that covers it, and one that uses a 510 atty/cone combo, and there is one that uses a tank system. I’ve used all 3 types but I like the regular version and the tank version best. The EGO is all I use anymore. Your problem may be crappy batteries that aren’t putting out enough voltage.

  36. jlynn1031 says:

    hey man good video..can you help me with advice? I am new at this 15 days no real cig.. got a 510 copy i guess not the joy ones.. but anyway hit fine for awhile then seems they suck attys get hot..seems i can’t keep one going good..have to back to cartomizers but anyway love the 510 attys taste better what am i doing wrong

  37. HeraldOfHypo says:

    Hey! I’m going to be doing some e-cig reviews, starting with the Ego-t starter kit, ego passthrough, and’s e-juices. In the next couple of weeks i’ll be ordering a few “Great e-cig kits for beginner” and doing a review on each of the products. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d be overjoyed if you would subscribe and await my videos! :D

  38. BvCigs says:

    Give BV E Cigarettes a try
    e cigs starting from $9.99

  39. msigwart says:

    This is an almost impossibly difficult video to watch. 1.5 FPS makes me dizzy.

  40. erasetoimprove says:

    @UBRocked if I had a child who smoked already, I’d get this for them no matter what the law says. They’d have a better shot at kicking the habit this way than with regular cigarettes. Better than just ignoring the fact that they smoke hoping they’ll quit. That NEVER works.

  41. Trips1103 says:

    @number5ism yes, most providers offer a cartridge with zero nicotine.

  42. millanrob says:

    @UBRocked dude thats where your wrong since there is no tobacco and you can not supply tobacco to minors there are no laws being broke because there is not a law in the entire world that band a minor from having nicotine infact kids agt16+ can walk in a drug store and request nicotine gum or patches i know cus i was once 16 at atime and able to acquare nicotin easly but tobacco was always the hard part seeing as you have to be 18+ to purchase tobaco products

  43. number5ism says:

    This looks like a great costume prop im constantly going to my buddies halloween parties,Is there any way to remove the addicting things? or take out the nicotine cartridge to where i can smoke this thing safely? tell me if ya can thanks for rockin me ;)

  44. fuckyoudad17 says:

    you say uh to much.

  45. JOHNEY101 says:

    s this bad for your lungs?

  46. TalkingToPlants says:

    @gasmaskdude87 Yeah thats what I do. Im not addicted to nicotine, but the smoke that cigarettes make. Now im buying one, yes they come with no nicotine. Im buying one that plugs straight into the computer. Endless puffing :)

  47. 67168 says:

    nice. very informative. dude kinda sounds like Cas on Supernatural

  48. memorysticky says:

    @UBRocked I used to buy cigs for my mom and a very young age. under a dollar a pack and as much as 1.20 a pack etc. Long before these stupid laws got more into our lives. As far as buying them your legally allowed to smoke just not buy at your age. later on.

  49. Do any of the web-sites accept Paypal?

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