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E Cig Brand Starter Kit from ECig Brand

ECig Brand by E CigThe New York Post recently published an article describing the ECig or electronic cigarette and how some view the E Cig as a device that can potentially help folks stop smoking. The post described the increasingly popular ECig as a clean nicotine delivery device with a similar look and feel of conventional smokes. While it is true the E Cig delivers nicotine without the carcinogenic products of combustion. It also helps that the Ecig can cost less than half of the price of traditional smokes. A E Cig starter kit includes six cartridges which in most cases will last the whole month.

The E Cig is a gadgets that provide the same sensation you get with traditional smokes, with the exception that they do not have the toxins. The Ecig contains a nicotine solution which gets heated up whenever the device is utilized. This activates a nicotine vapor that is reminiscent of conventional cigarette smoke. The Ecig Brand electronic cigarettes resemble a standard smoke and is reused. The E Cig nicotine cartridges last about 1 week and are replaceable.

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ECig Brand by E Cig

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Some notable fans of the electronic cigarettes are Steve Carell , Jesse Metcalfe and Lindsay Lohan. Katherine Heigl even smoked one on The Late Show with David Letterman. Best of all now they’re catching on with smokers who would like to stop smoking. While the FDA regulates E Cigs only as tobacco products, not as medical devices, positive testimonies from smokers who have used the E Cig to quit are accumulating. The first ECig was introduced to the marketplace in 2004. But it’s only recently that ECigs, thanks in part to the product’s celeb following, have blazed their way into the public consciousness.

Smoke the E Cig almost anywhere

ECig Brand Starter Kit

The ability to smoke the device indoors is the biggest draw for Marshall Weinstein, who works as a nightspots that are usually smoking-free zones.
“When I’m working in the clubs or when I’m traveling, I make sure I have my ECig with me,” says Weinstein, a 31-year-old Brooklyn Heights resident. “It’s not like I sit there and it’s in my mouth and I’m puffing on it incessantly and sitting on a banquette and waving my hands in the air,” he says. “I might turn around and take a few puffs.” Weinstein started smoking the ECig several months ago. “Etiquette-wise, you should ask for permission if you’re going to be blatantly smoking it like a chief all night,” he adds, though it is technically legal to do so.
Nick Molina says the typical ECig user is someone who wants to quit smoking; the second-most common type of user is someone like Weinstein, who wants an alternative to smoking. They can be used to alleviate your cravings for a smoke whether you are at the airport, in a restaurant or at work because Ecig brand cigarettes can be smoked anywhere, unlike conventional cigarettes.

All electronic cigarettes batteries eventually need to be recharged. You will notice that the more a battery gets drained, the poorer the electronic cigarette performs. Eventually, your electronic cigarette battery will become completely drained and need a recharge. You don’t have to guess when this happens. Your electronic cigarette will let you know by flashing repeatedly.

Why are they effective?
The ECig atomizer, which is a heating unit on the inside of the E Cig, vaporizes the fluid in the cartridge. Individuals who are trying to quit smoking can be satisfied from this vapor and it allows them to avoid smoking regular smokes.

What should I do first?
The first thing you need to do is connect your charger to the plug that came with your ECig starter kit and then plug it into a wall outlet. Please make sure you charge for 8 hours the first time. I know you want to use your “new toy” right away but it is imperative that the batteries get a really good charge right out of the box. If you absolutely must test out your new ECig take a couple of puffs. Then, charge the batteries for 8 hours like you are supposed to.

Okay, my batteries have been charged; now what? How do I “smoke” this thing?

First off, we do not “smoke” an E Cig we “vape.” This terminology may come in handy if you are in a restaurant or bar that has a “no smoking” policy. Thank goodness you are only vaping! You simply take a drag and the microprocessor within the battery senses you are inhaling and will start releasing the vapor Drawing too hard or too easy will not produce the desired amount of vapor. With ten minutes or so of practice, you should find the right action that is just right for you.

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