EA Seizes Digital Control, Sony Caught Lying, DLC/DRM Fiasco, Reviewers being Blamed + Much More!

This week in gaming has been a disgusting one. Developers blame reviewers for lack of quality, EA turns buying Digital games into top-dollar rentals. Sony gets caught not disclosing all info on PSN Hack and Bobby Kotick tries to by Myspace? WTF? Be afraid… be VERY afraid. Codemasters has been hacked: www.computerandvideogames.com Bethesda Website Hacked: games.ign.com Epic Games Hacked: www.strategyinformer.com THQ Shuts down Homefront development studio: www.examiner.com Sony KNEW about the PSN leak and didn’t tell you: kotaku.com EA Setting up Digital Distribution service: en.wikipedia.org EA takes their games back after one year of purchase: gotgame.com Crysis 2 removed from steam: www.pixelitis.net 60 dollars for a digital download? www.ea.com Steam kicks out Crysis 2: www.computerandvideogames.com Anonymous dev says DRM is bullshit: gritbit.com Gearbox blacklisting reviewers over Duke Nukem: ca.kotaku.com 2k fires American PR Group over Duke Nukem: www.bit-tech.net Jaffe says critics need to step it up: www.qj.net Activision says 90% of COD is free: www.examiner.com Bobby Kotick trying to buy myspace: www.develop-online.net Transformers MMO Details: gamerfront.net Ninja Gaiden 3 details: www.siliconera.com God of War Origins Collection: (Priced at 40 bucks) www.amazon.com Mass Effect 3 possibly coming with 4-player co-op mode: gamerant.com DCUO Still Suffering: www.vg247.com Devil May Cry HD Collection back on: kotaku.com DMC Live Interview: www.youtube.com

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45 Responses to “EA Seizes Digital Control, Sony Caught Lying, DLC/DRM Fiasco, Reviewers being Blamed + Much More!”

  1. EventStatus says:


    Thanks, and I’ll keep doing these as well. I think Gamers/Consumers have the right to know these things, so they don’t get screwed into buying bad products.

  2. BlackAndCrimson says:

    Brilliant critical thought. Thank you so much for getting all this information out to us, and for publicly showing the many ways corporate greed is attempting to take over the gaming subculture. I seriously wish more people were this analytical and observant.

  3. xxxkingjoexxx says:

    @EventStatus yo, red faction guerilla was off the hook in my opinion, cuz of all the destruction. it adds a new element to combat. starhawk has the destruction, plus vehicles. so i think at least I will enjoy it. cant speak for anyone else tho. i read in game informer that in a game someone was kickin ass in a mech, so someone else decided to drop a building on him. can u imagine that? i hope its not a let down like brink.

  4. EventStatus says:


    Yeah, look like something different. If the strategy works like they say it does, I think the game will be addictive.

  5. xxxkingjoexxx says:

    fuck all the bullshit. i’m gettin starhawk. that game looks crazy.

  6. EventStatus says:


    That’s what I thought and it’s sad we have to think something is too advanced for us, instead of adapting to have that tech work today.

  7. TVGalactic says:

    i like the rebellious attitude. subscribed!


    @EventStatus oh ok thanks bro. got nothing but love and respect for you and what u represent. but thanks bro

  9. kenjiharimaCU says:

    WII-U looks too advance for our time when I first saw it.

  10. EventStatus says:


    I talked about Witcher 2 not too long ago, when Bioware employees were purposely voting it a zero out of ten on metacritic. I also announced the Witcher 2 will be coming to 360 later this year.

  11. EventStatus says:


    Didn’t Everquest just go free to play not too long ago? Also, Star Wars Galaxies will be shut down in december.

  12. EventStatus says:


    Thanks, much appreciated.

  13. pasGedden7 says:

    Subbed this guy is awesome!!

  14. Sumfood4u says:

    I wish SOE brought back EverQuest instead of shitty DConline. Marvel MMo going to put them outta bussiness.

  15. Syaxe says:

    @EventStatus, sorry I mean small developing company. :o

  16. Syaxe says:

    @EventStatus, can you please pretty please, play Witcher 2:Assassins of kings, and recommend it in your channel, if you love it, and I bet you surely will. It has game of the year type. It’s a small company that made that game, and its pure art. Its great, please play it :)

  17. EventStatus says:


    Gamers are catching on, they’re becoming smarter and the companies are hating it. It’s why they have reduced to censoring gamers comments now.

  18. EventStatus says:


    I agree, if they take the game away from you. A game that YOU BOUGHT, which is now a high priced rental. They deserve everything they get.

  19. IIIGR1Z says:

    if EA start taking game away after i pay for them, im just going to pirate them then they dont get ay money

  20. WilchBorisRyan says:


    I agree. I’m hoping that soon enough a larger percentage of people will come to realise that certain corporations and developers are taking advantage of them, and put bluntly, are trying to fuck them, and will begin start doing something about it. Until then, keep doing what you’re doing.

  21. EventStatus says:


    I agree, gamers are starting to come together and catch on and it’s scaring the companies. I go into more detail about it in today’s video.

  22. EventStatus says:


    Thanks, glad you enjoyed the video. It’s good to know gamers really care about the state their hobby is in.

  23. EventStatus says:


    Thanks, much appreciated.

  24. TheManyTalents says:

    @lockergnome Thanks a lot for the site. I was planing to buy the MacBook Air but I want to find when, when the price is right. And surprisingly, one of their first devices on the Home Page was the MacBook Air, WHO KNEW??

  25. MultiElford says:

    Really cool site, thanks for the suggestion.
    Everybody watching this video should vote for Video Game Consoles to be included on Decide.com RIGHT NOW!
    Help me and the other Video Game Geeks get the cheapest deals, too! :(

  26. rottweiller1 says:

    Even though. It was actually a useful ad. I hate ad that has nothing to do with me. Like “Buy this tampon and get the other half off”. Like wtf… I like Ads that spark my interest. I already found a Plasmas screen TV on that Website that I’m going to buy for MUCH cheaper that the one Ive seen in Walmart.

  27. kazora1001 says:

    what bout led. led is definitely better than lcd

  28. danszimmy07 says:

    I really love your enthusiasm Chris… Your quest through curiosity for answers amongst the tech world bleeds with a refreshing reassurance… thank you for everything Mr.Mays

  29. stillusingwindows95 says:

    @lockergnome does it come naturally or do you have to practice daily, to speak like that and act like that? you look like a complete fool

  30. trjmkztdg says:

    This is exactly what I needed.

  31. krye97 says:

    @Sniper9977 That’s why we have adblocker and chrome.

  32. sdfgsdfghjkl says:

    no but, thanks for the effort.

  33. evobeing says:

    Decide the yeti

  34. iMaster96 says:

    @lockernome don’t react too much… its a TV. u look stupid when u yell.

  35. inachu says:

    I got a 2,000 tv for 700 at bestbuy on clearance brand new 0h and it is a 50 inch tv flat screen

  36. ThePenguinProduction says:

    Is there a website like this for purchasing used cars ?

  37. Jjgould21 says:

    @lockergnome how much did they pay you SELL Oouttttttttttttttttttt

  38. itsmejose92 says:

    why are you yelling at me?

  39. chronofusion says:

    otherwise…well it’s obvious.. black friday.or christmas eve 99% of the time..will get you the BEST deal regardless of the tech level of the product..period. this has been the case for the past 25 years. ( yes i was a very active child. window shopping. comparing things, gaming since age 4 etc)

  40. chronofusion says:

    this is where Invisible hand extension in google chrome browser CAN be a great help :D and also WHEN to buy a tv….hello SUPERBOWL coherence time. that’s when manufactures ALWAYS release their newest tech tvs directly to local retailers to be sold at rock bottom prices..then shortly after they go up in price for a while..then back down..around 6 to 9 ish months later.

  41. pranksterprince15 says:

    i like the tenacity in this video :D

  42. philmccrack72 says:

    So much emotion in this video. Lol. Good job Prillo!

  43. Dysbulic says:

    SlickDeals is better for this kind of thing IMHO.

  44. jacobbubble2 says:

    Love saving money

  45. bmw2go11 says:

    suck it up and pay for quality
    nuff said

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